Metal Bellow Coupling (KXL)

JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

Metal Bellow Coupling (KXL) by JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

The metal bellows couplings of the series KXL are constructed for medium size to big drives of up to 65.000 Nm. Although this type of coupling has proven itself reliable for years, the series was completely redesigned in order to make it even more attractive regarding technical parameters as well as the aspect of costs. It is very special because of the three-part construction with a flexible intermediate piece (bellows). This intermediate piece can be disassembled. It consists of an optimal torsionally stiff stainless steel bellows with 2 bellows shafts on each side and an intermediate pipe which is variable in length. The connection with the two hubs is frictionally engaged (screws acc. to ISO 4017/10.9). Therefore, assembly is much easier, as in case of inspection or service, the heavy drive unit or the output unit need not be disassembled. The designer can choose between several hub variations (see selection table). The very good moment of inertia and the rotation symmetrical design ensure good dynamic operation characteristics. KXL couplings are most suitable for precise drives, such as those used in printing machines, cross cutters, main spindle drives, transfer axes or used in combination with gearboxes. Medium transport or a parallel drive chain through the coupling interior is possible.

  • Torque range: 4.000 - 65.000 Nm
  • 3-parted construction- easy to fit - variable in use
  • flange hub or conical ring hub
  • Shaft diameter: 70 - 220 mm
  • backlash free – exact torque transfer
  • high torsional stiffness - low moments of inertia
  • high tolerance of shaft displacements

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About JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH is an internationally leading manufacturer of servo couplings, safety couplings, and mechanical clamping elements. For more than 40 years JAKOB has been developing and producing various types of torsionally stiff metal bellows couplings and safety couplings for the servo drive industry. Throughout our history we have earned ourselves a reputation of being a reliable and competent partner in the motion and drive industry.

JAKOB is the market leader in the area of mechanical tool and component clamping with its innovative and unique clamping technology.

The JAKOB wedge clamping technology provides the highest clamping forces with low actuation torques and, at the same time, maximum operational safety. The goal of our servo and safety coupling catalog is to provide a general overview over our standard product range. Highly trained engineers and technicians at our facility in Kleinwallstadt are always ready with a solution to best meet your requirements.