Anchor rails (HZA DYNAGRIP)

Stingl Systems GmbH

Anchor rails (HZA DYNAGRIP) by Stingl Systems GmbH

HALFEN DYNAGRIP anchor channels are a newdevelopment for applications with high loads, wherechannel is cast in vertically. These high performancechannels can even absorb dynamic load componentsof up to 3 kN. Special toothed profiles provide positiveengagement and eliminates the risk of slipping.

HALFEN DYNAGRIP anchor channels meet or exceedthe conditions fo anchoring lift guide rails: Three-dimensionalload absorption with high dynamic loads.These channels are also suitable for vertical installation,e.g. in concrete columns carrying longitudinalloads.

Quality features of HALFEN DYNAGRIP cast-in channels are:
  • high load-bearing capacity up to 12 kN as the resultant load in all directions
  • allowable dynamic load amplitude of up to 3 kN
  • compact product range with two types HZA 29/20and HZA 38/23
  • high degree of corrosion protection due to hot-dipgalvanized design
  • officially approved
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