Scaffoldless Platform (Stingl-mobil STANDART)

Stingl Systems GmbH

Scaffoldless Platform (Stingl-mobil STANDART) by Stingl Systems GmbH

Telescopic work scaffold made of glass reinforced polyester (GRP), which can be used in various shafts. Stingl - mobil can be installed at any shaft door opening independent of the number of landings. The areas of application range from new installation of machine roomless lifts with machinery located in the shaft head to service and repair work on existing units.

  • A GS-seal (certificate no. 01071) awarded by the German employers' liability insurance association guarantees a safe and approved solution.
  • The requirement of one-man-assembly is met by the moderate weight of the scaffold elements (the heaviest subassembly weighs approx. 24 kg).
  • Considerable savings compared with conventional wooden scaffolds as the mobile scaffold can be used again.
  • Telescopic design allows work with one solution for varying shaft depths.
  • It is not necessary to rely on external scaffolder, thus saving co-ordination time, for instance.
  • Since no substructures are required, the mobile scaffold can be installed quickly; it is also flexible in use and thus highly economical.
  • The modular design allows the assembly of a single or bi-level mobile scaffold.
  • Defined material properties of GRP, such as high loading capacity, high impact strength, long service life, low weight, high corrosion resistance as well as electrical insulation are the advantages of GRP over conventional materials such as wood, steel or aluminium.
  • Low installation time of approx. 50 minutes by trained personnel.
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