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Schachtsicherung (Stingl safety door) by Stingl Systems GmbH

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Stingl safety door - the universal and safe
shaft guarding for modernization and new buildings

Especially during modernization in existing buildings with non-public traffic (e.g. house residents and hotel guests), but also in new buildings, shaft openings must be secured against falling and against falling objects.

A safe, flexible, full-surface and stable solution is required here. The Stingl safety door approach shows its full strength here in comparison to conventional solutions such as construction doors and OSB panels in the following pictures. Instead of drilling and dowelling, it is simply clamped in place with a positive fit.

The revolving doors to Stingl safety door consist of a trapezoidal sheet core and are enclosed by an aluminum frame. Depending on the door opening, the turn bolt locks can be moved horizontally and fixed. If door reveals are too short or not available at all, other threshold corner elements could be used as an alternative, but they must be doweled to the threshold or masonry/concrete wall.

The doors can be hinged on the right or left at any time. This requires only a minor modification of the vertical supports and relocation of the turnbuckle locks.

Optionally, the Stingl safety door can be supplemented by a three-part side protection (handrail, knee and foot rail). If various work has to be carried out on the open shaft at short notice when the doors are open, the side protection serves as an additional fall protection. When bracing the vertical door supports, the door sill and lintel must be able to absorb a vertical load of V = 3.6 kN.

The clamping force can be visually checked and monitored with the aid of disc springs. The Stingl safety door can be opened and locked from the outside and from the inside of the shaft with four triangular turnbuckle locks (2 per door element). Depending on the door width, a telescopic profile is placed and braced on the threshold. The profile thus provides additional positional security for the vertical bracing supports.

Product advisor: Dirk Schöffler

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