OEM-Micrometering System Modules

Ingenieurbüro CAT M. Zipperer GmbH

OEM-Micrometering System Modules by Ingenieurbüro CAT M. Zipperer GmbH

ngenieurbüro CAT pumps are also available in modular form, enabling special configurations to be assembled for inclusion within OEM systems such as robotic and production machines. There is a wide variety of drive units, PCB control boards and pump heads, available with and without piston rinse ports.

System designers can take advantage of CAT's fully programmable, microprocessor remote controllers, as well as their versatile “LabControl for Windows“ software by writing application - specific programs. For further information please contact our application department. We will offer you customized proposals for your specific application.

Valveless Dosing System for Pumps and Burettes
The heart of our liquid-handling system consists of a rotary-axial piston and a cylinder, both machined from acid-proof ceramics, which is extremely hard and highly chemically resistant. The design of this material makes it very durable and resistant to abrasive fluids, as well as ensuring a long working life with very high accuracy.
The system is self-priming and self-bleeding, so measuring errors due to gas bubbles are avoided. The great advantage of this design is its valveless construction, ensuring minimal dead volume and negating the tendency to jam or leak. Wetted parts are all Al2O3 and fluoroplastics (e.g. PTFE; ETFE, PVDF or FEP).

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Ingenieurbüro CAT your partner in innovation for over 35 years: We manufacture high-quality liquid handling products and are also specialized in powerful microprocessor controlled overhead stirrers, efficient homogenisers and magnetic stirrers. Heaters as well as microprocessor controlled thermo shakers are also part of our business activities. Our special strengths are customer orientation and customer service. We will happily advise you with regard to the different applications and will develop optimum and individual solutions. Our repair service is well prepared to assist you in case of technical problems.