Clamping System (LinClamp)

HEMA Maschinen und Apparateschutz GmbH

Clamping System (LinClamp) by HEMA Maschinen und Apparateschutz GmbH

LinClamp clamping and braking systems are designed to brake and retain masses moving axially over linear guide rails and elements. Their design, surface quality, and dimensional, shape, and positional tolerances are equivalent to the commercially available linear guide rails.
  • suitable for almost all sizes and manufacturers of linear guide systems as well as for surfaces
  • compact design, suitable for high and low carriages, simple installation
  • easy to install
  • compatible to other rail clamping systems
  • pneumatic clamping or braking of the highest forces
  • optimum safety clamping, failure of pneumatics results in clamping (types S, SK, A)
  • low system costs in comparison to hydraulics and electronic solutions
  • special linings for clamping without loss of holding power for linear guides with grease lubrication.

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About HEMA Maschinen und Apparateschutz GmbH

For thirty five years we have been manufacturing protective systems for the world’s machinery building sectors. Our first products were bellows and coil springs that we produced in Seligenstadt, which is still our head office today. Through consistent further development we expanded our production to several sites in Germany and abroad for most efficient service to our customers worldwide.