Shaft Twist Testers (STT R100 NK)

MATESY - Magnetic Technologies and Systems GmbH

Shaft Twist Testers (STT R100 NK) by MATESY - Magnetic Technologies and Systems GmbH

The surface roughness causes a typical scattered light distribution, while surface waviness genrates declension stripes in the test picture. With the help of the device STT R100 NK which is provided with a digital camera these typical scattered light pictures can be documented photographically. The testing set with the customary digital cameras which dispose of a change objective adaptor MFT can be equipped by the use of the standardised bayonet joint Micro-Four-Thirds (MFT).

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Matesy GmbH is a developer and distributor of magnetic, magneto-optical and optical components and systems. The core competences of Matesy are magnetic 3D-monitoring and magneto-optical visualization. Furthermore Matesy is focusing on measurement and calibration services for magnetic components and devices. Matesy also provides expert design engineering services conceptualize, specify, analyze, design, simulate, optimize, build and test of magnetic and optical systems.