Nano Boron Nitride Powder (10043-11-5)

HME - Technologies GmbH

Nano Boron Nitride Powder (10043-11-5) by HME - Technologies GmbH


  • Appearence: Powder
  • Shape: hexagonal boron nitride powder, provides excellent lubricating properties
  • Particle Size: 80-100nm, 800nm,
  • Purity: 99.8%, 99%, 99.5%


1. Release agent of metal forming and lubricant of brushed metal.

2. Special electrolysis in high temperature and resistance materials.

3. Solid lubricant.

4. Heat-seal desiccant of transistor and additive of polymer such as plastic resin.

5. Compressed into various shapes of boron nitride products that can be used as components of heat, high voltage, insulation and heat dissipation.

6. Participated in the catalyst, it can be transformed into cubic boron nitride that is hard as diamond through high temperature and pressure treatment.

7. Nozzle of plane and rocket's engine.

8. High voltage high frequency electric and plasma arc insulators.

9. To prevent neutron radiation's packing materials.

10. Super hard materials were manufactured from BN, can make up high speed cutting tool, geological exploration and oil drilling's aiguilles.

11. Separate cup used in continuous cast steel in metallurgy, amorphous state iron's flow rabbet, continuous cast aluminum's release agents. (various optical glasses' release agents)

12. As evaporation boat of various capacitors thin film aluminizing, kinescope aluminizing, displayer aluminizing, etc.

13. Various retain freshness aluminizing packaging bag.

14. Various laser anti-counterfeiting aluminizing, trademarks gold stamping materials, and kinds of cigarette label and beer label, packaging boxes, cigarette packaging boxes' aluminizing, etc.

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