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30.03.2024 01:03

KXL metal bellows coupling - Achieves great things

Reliable and precise torque transmission is crucial for precision drives of cross cutters. This is ensured by the use of steel bellows couplings with a friction-locked shaft-hub connection.

The metal bellows couplings of the KXL series from JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH are designed for medium and large drives up to a maximum of 65,000 Nm. An outstanding feature of the design is the three-part design with a flexible bellows package as an intermediate piece. This intermediate piece, consisting of an optimized, torsionally rigid stainless steel bellows with 2 bellows shafts on each side and a variable-length intermediate tube, is frictionally connected (screws ISO 4017/10.9) to the two hubs. This makes assembly considerably easier, as it avoids time-consuming disassembly of the heavy drive or output units during maintenance or servicing, for example. The designer can choose from different hub variants to best suit the specific application. The particularly favorable mass moment of inertia and the rotationally symmetrical design ensure excellent dynamic operating behavior. The KXL couplings are particularly suitable for precise applications such as printing machines, cross cutters, main spindle drives, transfer axes or gearbox connections. Media transport or a parallel drive train through the coupling interior is always possible. The connection to the shafts can be made either as a conical clamping ring hub or as a flange hub.

Hub typeA:
Non-positive, backlash-free conical clamping ring connection - external - bellows assembly can be removed radially as required. For the overall length "L4", the axial elongation of the bellows assembly of 4 mm is already taken into account during assembly (see assembly diagram).

Hub type B:
Force-locking, backlash-free conical clamping ring connection - internal - bellows assembly NOT freely removable radially.

Hub typeF/G:
Mounting flange to ISO 9409 or customer specification - centring outside or inside. Dimensions of flange hub F and G of L13, L19 as well as D6, D9, D10, D11, D12 according to customer specification.

Hub type A/B:
Force-locking, backlash-free conical clamping ring connection - external / internal. Bellows assembly radially NOT freely removable

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