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26.05.2023 01:05

Show teeth! Toothed couplings for your gearbox solution

Splined couplings for your gearbox solution

Bellows couplings are used to connect two shaft journals, for example the motor and gearbox of a drive unit. They must be torsionally stiff, flexible, easy to assemble, economical, precise and very resilient. These requirements are met by the bellows couplings with internal gearing from JAKOB Antriebstechnik.

The shaft-hub connection via a combination of clamping hub and gearing is particularly advantageous for gearboxes, as it has a very low imbalance. It is further best suited for large unilateral, but also for alternating and shock torques. Before mounting the coupling on the motor shaft, the clamping hub is expanded elastically. The necessary counterpressure is generated by unscrewing the clamping screw against the so-called EASY pin. The coupling can then be easily fitted onto the shaft and tightened by means of a hexagon socket. When the engine and transmission are connected via the lantern piece, the clutch hub centers itself and is mounted positively on the toothed shaft of the transmission. No further complicated tightening via mounting holes in the lantern is necessary.

The precision-manufactured internal splines and a full inspection produce a very precise connection to the drive shaft. As a result, the installation space can be reduced and no further connecting elements are required. An important point in terms of economy. Finally, an optional positive drive ensures reliability and safety in the event of bellows breakage due to overload or excessive shaft misalignment. This feature is indispensable for robotics gearboxes, for example, to prevent a robot arm from falling off.

Jakob Antriebstechnik offers the coupling with all common DIN 5480 splines. torques of up to 4000 Nm can be transmitted, the maximum shaft diameter is 102 mm.

Other nominal dimensions or special designs are possible on request from the manufacturer.

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