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JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

19.09.2022 00:09

Pluggable, backlash-free and flexible

Elastomer couplings are plug-in, backlash-free and flexible shaft couplings for all small and medium torques up to 2000 Nm. The connecting and compensating element is a plastic star with involute teeth and a high Shore hardness. This is inserted positively, with a slight preload, into two high-precision manufactured hubs with claw-shaped cams. The elastic coupling star can compensate for slight shaft misalignments, is electrically insulating and has good vibration damping properties. There are several standard variants with backlash-free, force-fit shaft-hub connection to choose from, which guarantee reliable torque transmission even without an additional feather key. The series EKM, ESM-A, EKH and EKS with expansion cone are available in the standard range, individual solutions are also possible on request.

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09.09.2022 01:05

Safety coupling SKB
The modern, innovative mechanical engineering aims at reducing external dimensions and higher performance potential of the building components. Increasingly compact drive elements with maximum power density are required. But the safety aspect, such as collision protection in the event of a machine crash, is also becoming increasingly important due to increasing automation and dynamization.

25.08.2022 02:10

For fast tests
For use in special high-speed test stands torsionally rigid, flexible couplings are ideally suited.

07.08.2022 01:05

Insulating and flexible
Elastomeric couplings are pluggable, backlash-free and flexible shaft couplings. The connection or compensation element consists of a plastic star with involute teeth and a high Shore hardness.
The most common accidents involving the use of machine tools include spindle crashes. Common causes include programming errors, incorrectly defined tools, disregarded interference contours, or unintentional high-speed operation. The forces involved are so enormous that components of the motor spindle, ceramic spindle bearings, shafts, encoders, clamping system and the entire machine geometry can be affected or even completely destroyed.

19.07.2022 01:05

A safe bet

The flexible, backlash-free safety coupling of the SKW-KP series is a combination of safety coupl...

13.07.2022 01:05

Short coupling
The metal bellows coupling series KP with 4-corrugated bellows and two radial clamping hubs, is a version with short overall length in the JAKOB coupling range. This makes it particularly suitable for applications with minimal shaft spacing and limited installation conditions. In addition, the very high torsional rigidity and the easy-to-install clamping hub design are worth mentioning. A low moment of inertia and good values for the permissible shaft misalignments and restoring forces complete the positive picture.