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07.10.2021 02:10

Proven power

With the MCA power clamping nut from JAKOB Antriebstechnik, the user has at his disposal a long-proven, widely used and economical clamping element.

Without additional installation effort, this clamping technology can ensure the highest clamping forces and maximum operational reliability - and is easy to operate manually. For this only a wrench SW 17 is required. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use a torque wrench to set exact, reproducible tightening torques. The special inner life, an integrated planetary gear mechanics, multiplies the manual tightening torque.

Their durability has been proven on a specially designed test bench. They were subjected to a continuous load of 10,000 load changes and were able to confirm all expectations.

The power clamping nut MCA is based on the predecessor model MC. Externally, the changed design and the reduced external dimensions are striking first. But also in the inner life a lot has changed. The bearing of the planetary gears is now accomplished by stable claws instead of bolts. This made room for significantly larger screw threads and increased the performance range by up to 100%. The material made of tempered steel and the surface coating that protects against corrosion guarantee a long service life of the clamping elements. The tightness of the drive mechanism and splash protection could also be increased. The MCA mechanical clamping nut is maintenance-free under normal operating conditions and can be used in special versions up to 400°C.

The power clamping nuts are used in all areas of mechanical engineering where large clamping forces are required. For example, the economic clamping of press and punching tools or workpiece clamping during machining. But also in steel and jig construction there are universal application areas.

The series MCA is available with clamping screws from M12 to M64 and with clamping forces up to 200 KN in the standard program.

The MCA-S / MCA-T version expands the power clamping nuts with star- or T-handles to enable simple operation by hand.

More News

20.10.2021 02:10

Reliable powerhouses
The power clamping nuts MCA and MCG from JAKOB Antriebstechnik are well-tried clamping devices in production. Up to now, the required nominal clamping force was precisely set by the user using a torque wrench. This is a sensible method for varying clamping forces, as the clamping nut can be used flexibly. However, if the same, constant nominal clamping force is always applied, time can now be saved and safety increased.

01.10.2021 01:10

For big moments
Safe and accurate transmission of torques is essential for precision drives of cross cutters. This is ensured by the use of steel bellows couplings with force-fitted shaft-hub connection.
Highly dynamic, high-performance, regulated drives are playing an increasingly important role in today's advancing automation. The SKY-KS safety coupling series with Balganbau offers these high-performance drives the adequate safety element. With a maximum disengaging torque of 9000 Nm, the current, ever-increasing performance data are taken into account.

03.09.2021 03:09

Even more resistant
The long-proven metal bellows couplings of the 'KG' and 'MKG' series from JAKOB Antriebstechnik have burnished hubs, which offer improved rust protection and greater resistance to environmental influences.

28.08.2021 01:08

Show some profile
Increasing efficiency through automated set-up processes: Modern press shops are faced with the challenge of changing tools or setting up systems as smoothly as possible, due to the greatly increased variety of products. The set-up time naturally plays an important role in productivity. Current gripper rail couplings (profile rail couplings) can make a significant contribution to increasing the economy and safety of the systems.
Highly dynamic, powerful, controlled drives play an ever-increasing role in today's advanced automation. The new SKY-EK safety coupling series SKY-EK, which is expanded by two standard sizes, with elastomer construction, offers these high-performance drives the adequate safety element. With a maximum disengagement torque of 2000 Nm, the current, ever-increasing performance data is taken into account. As a special version, disengagement torques up to 2000 Nm and operating speeds up to 8000 rpm can be realized.