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JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

02.06.2021 01:06

Reliable and inexpensive

It has proven itself on the market for decades and is a reliable and inexpensive standard series among metal bellows couplings: The KM metal bellows coupling from JAKOB Antriebstechnik.

Like all metal bellows couplings, it is stiff in the direction of rotation, but flexible in the axial, angular and radial directions. Despite the similarities, metal bellows couplings sometimes differ greatly from one another. The technical differences lie, for example, in the choice of bellows or the type of connection between bellows and hub or bellows and shaft. JAKOB only uses thin-walled, multi-layer bellows made from certified stainless steel sheets. This causes a high torsional stiffness. This ensures a high level of positioning and concentricity even under difficult conditions, which guarantees absolutely backlash-free torque transmission between the input and output shaft. The multi-layer bellows design also enables large shaft displacements to be absorbed while the restoring forces are still small. That means a plus in reliability, operational safety and service life.

The clamping hub of the KM is equipped with the innovative Easy-Clamp-System, which enables it to be pushed on easily with sufficient clearance. The pretensioning force required for torque transmission is guaranteed by a single, radially accessible screw per hub. This simple and reliable connection allows uncomplicated installation in just a few steps, even in confined spaces. In order to achieve the lowest possible mass moment of inertia, the hubs are made of high-strength aluminum.

The connection between the bellows and the hub is made using the backlash-free flanged press-in process. In contrast to adhesive connections, this joining process has unlimited fatigue strength under critical operating conditions (-40 ° C to + 200 ° C, chemicals, etc.) and can safely introduce the transmission torque of each bellow layer into the hub.

Metal bellows couplings of the KM series are available with nominal torques from 0.4 to 1300Nm.

More News

16.06.2021 05:06

No vibrations
In addition to the Simple-Flex, WD, WDS, WDZ und WD-VA series distance couplings, Jakob offers another standard series and customer-specific solution for bridging large center distances: the EKHZ series based on elastomer couplings of the EKH series.

10.06.2021 02:06

For little space
Modern, innovative mechanical engineering is characterized by decreasing external dimensions with constant or increasing overall performance. Last but not least, drive technology has also committed itself to this development, and here the required connecting elements are a link that should not be underestimated.

30.05.2021 01:05

Compact and powerful
With the compact KGE metal bellows coupling, a tailor-made solution has been developed for all gearboxes with drive flanges (DIN-EN-ISO 9409–1).

20.05.2021 02:05

Cost-effective and reliable
The SKW safety coupling ensures reliable overload and collision protection.

05.05.2021 04:05

For fast tests
For use in special high-speed test stands torsionally rigid, flexible couplings are ideally suited. The thin metal bellows have in addition to the balancing, also vibration-damping properties.
The operation of the power clamping nuts of the MCA-S and MCA-T series is completely tool-free.