Overload protection up to 2000 Nm

JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

"Overload protection up to 2000 Nm" by JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

Highly dynamic, powerful, controlled drives play an ever-increasing role in today's advanced automation. The new SKY-EK safety coupling series SKY-EK, which is expanded by two standard sizes, with elastomer construction, offers these high-performance drives the adequate safety element.

With a maximum disengagement torque of 2000 Nm, the current, ever-increasing performance data is taken into account. As a special version, disengagement torques up to 2000 Nm and operating speeds up to 8000 rpm can be realized.
The safety couplings of the series SKY-EK are a combination of a thousand times proven disengagement mechanism with a play-free and vibration-damping elastomeric construction. They have proved their effectiveness in a variety of applications, particularly as collision protection in feed axes. They protect the complex and expensive systems from consequential damage with costly machine damage, repairs and downtime.
Key features of the SKY-EK series are compact dimensions, low inertia moments, the compensation of misalignment errors between the input and output shafts with low restoring forces, and, above all, an absolutely play-free, angular transmission of the torques. The sophisticated design principle, a high-quality material selection, the precise manufacture as well as the numerous possibilities of variation in the shaft-hub connection give this product an exception in the safety coupling market. The application area covers all demanding high-dynamic servo axes for machine tools up to the overload protection of conveyor systems.

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The flexible, backlash-free safety coupling of the SKW-KP series is a combination of safety coupling and servo metal bellows coupling attachment for direct drives.
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To protect machine tools, safety couplings have been indispensable for many decades in many applications in drive technology. As collision protection, they protect machines and users from damage, downtime and thus also expenses.
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About JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH is an internationally leading manufacturer of servo couplings, safety couplings, and mechanical clamping elements. For more than 40 years JAKOB has been developing and producing various types of torsionally stiff metal bellows couplings and safety couplings for the servo drive industry. Throughout our history we have earned ourselves a reputation of being a reliable and competent partner in the motion and drive industry.

JAKOB is the market leader in the area of mechanical tool and component clamping with its innovative and unique clamping technology.

The JAKOB wedge clamping technology provides the highest clamping forces with low actuation torques and, at the same time, maximum operational safety. The goal of our servo and safety coupling catalog is to provide a general overview over our standard product range. Highly trained engineers and technicians at our facility in Kleinwallstadt are always ready with a solution to best meet your requirements.