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JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

20.05.2020 02:05

Torque limiter for direct drives

The safety couplings of the series SKB-KP are being used since decades for mechanical protection of drive units.

In hundreds of applications, particularly as collision protection in feed axes of machine tools, they are able to prove their effectiveness. The flexible, backlash free safety coupling of the series SKB-KP is a combination of metal bellows Servo-Couplings and the unique JAKOB safety coupling mechanism. The compensation of shaft misalignments, low residual forces, a low moment of inertia and an accurate transfer of the torque due to the high torsional stiffness are the salient characteristics of this type of coupling.

Special characteristics:

  • overload and collision protection
  • high torsional stiffness
  • exact torque transfer
  • torque setting range
  • 2 - 2000 Nm

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Special high-speed test benches are used to test bearings.

Including the metal bellows couplings KG-VA and KGH-VA as well as the WD-VA series of distance co...

In order to meet the ever increasing demands for higher performance, JAKOB Antriebstechnik offers the metal bellows coupling KPP. Its rated torque is above 600 Nm and the maximum torque at approx. 1200 Nm.

03.12.2020 02:12

Show teeth!
Toothed clutches for your gearbox solution

23.11.2020 02:11

ZSF - Fully clamped
The hydromechanical spring-loaded cylinders of the ZSF series from JAKOB Antriebstechnik offer robust and reliable clamping elements. These spring-loaded systems can be used wherever displaceable or movable machine parts must be temporarily clamped or locked. Other applications can be found in jig construction and for workpiece or tool clamping.
In order to find the right clutch for a drive train some factors have to be taken into account. The required torque range, the offset and the ambient temperatures of the clutch are particularly important.