4 in 1 Probe Measures CO2, Humidity, Temperature and Pressure

E+E Elektronik GmbH

" 4 in 1 Probe Measures CO2, Humidity, Temperature and Pressure" by E+E Elektronik GmbH

The EE872 from E+E Elektronik measures the CO2 concentration up to 5 % (50 000 ppm) as well as relative humidity, temperature and ambient pressure. Additionally, the 4 in 1 probe also calculates the dew point temperature. It is perfectly suited for use in harsh and aggressive environment, such as agricultural applications. The active pressure and temperature compensation ensures a very high CO2 measuring accuracy. A heated probe version is available for CO2 measurement in high humidity applications.

For Harsh Environmental Conditions

The CO2 measurement is based on the pollution-resistant E+E dual wavelength NDIR measuring principle. It automatically compensates for aging effects, which leads to outstanding long-term stability. Thanks to the E+E proprietary coating, the humidity sensing element is suitable even for aggressive and corrosive environment. The robust IP65 stainless steel or polycarbonate enclosure as well as various filter caps optimally protect the sensing module from contamination. The probe is therefore particularly suitable for use in agriculture, for example in life stock barns, hatchers, incubators and green houses.

High Measuring Accuracy

The multi-point CO2 and temperature factory adjustment ensures high accuracy over the entire working range of -40...60 °C (-40…140 °F). Due to the active pressure and temperature compensation with on-board sensors, the EE872 offers a particularly high CO2 measuring accuracy, independent of altitude or environmental conditions.

Heated Probe Version for High Humidity

The heated version of the EE872 can be used especially for CO2 measurement in high humidity or condensing conditions. The heating prevents condensation on the sensing module, which makes the probe work reliably even in the high humidity range. Additionally to CO2 and pressure, the heated version provides the dew point temperature.

Easy Service and Configuration

The EE872 has a modular design. The pluggable sensing module can be replaced in just a few seconds without requiring any tools. Also the filter caps (PTFE or catalytic for H2O2 sterilization) can be quickly replaced if necessary. Configuration and adjustment of the EE872 can be easily performed with the free configuration software together with an optional adapter cable.

Analog or with RS485 Interface

The CO2 measured data is available simultaneously on the analogue voltage and current outputs. Depending on the version, the EE872 with RS485 interface also provides the data for relative humidity (RH), temperature (T), pressure (p) or dew point (Td).

More News

The EE074 measures accurately the temperature of air, gases and liquids. The probe features a RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol.
The EE600 HVAC differential pressure sensor offers a high accuracy of ±0.5 % of the full scale and features four selectable pressure measuring ranges.
The new EE100Ex sensor is ATEX and IECEx approved for gas applications in explosion hazard areas up to zone 1.
The EE610 is ideal for reliable and precise measurement of low differential pressure. It features selectable ranges for ±25, ±50, ±100 and 0...100 Pa.
The EE820 CO2 sensor, particularly resistant to pollution, is now available also with digital interface.
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About E+E Elektronik GmbH

E+E Elektronik develops and produces sensors and transmitters for humidity, temperature, dew point, moisture in oil, air velocity, CO2, mass flow and pressure. Data loggers, hand-held measuring devices, humidity calibration systems and professional calibration services round off the comprehensive product range of the Austrian sensor specialist.

E+E Elektronik operates an accredited calibration laboratory in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025. As a designated laboratory (NMI), E+E Elektronik has been commissioned by the Austrian Federal Office for Metrology (BEV) to provide the national standard for relative air humidity and air velocity.

E+E Elektronik has subsidiaries in Germany, France, Italy, China, Korea and the USA and is well represented by a worldwide dealer network.