Dunkermotoren publishes handbook for selection of motors

Dunkermotoren GmbH

"Dunkermotoren publishes handbook for selection of motors " by Dunkermotoren GmbH

As a leading company of electric motor technology Dunkermotoren publishes a handbook for selection of motors for the first time.

The present formulary was created by specialists to support users of electrical drives. It helps to understand electrical drives in their application and assists in the selection of drive components. The systematic set-up of the formulary facilitates the introduction into the subject matter and makes this formulary a valuable tool for apprentices, students, career beginners and experienced professionals. The width of drive components and solutions treated satisfies the requirements of engineers who have to design, select or adapt their drives in the daily work.

For practitioners, the collection of examples serves as a guide for own calculations, thus facilitating the application of the formulas for real design tasks.

The handbook is available on the website for download:

Printed versions can be directly ordered at Dunkermotoren.

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About Dunkermotoren GmbH

Dunkermotoren is a customer-oriented, innovative, quality- and environmentally conscious company. The success of our company predominantly rests on our employees. Our strength is the realisation of complete drive solutions. Based on our sophisticated modular system and the extensive product range of stadardised components, we are in the position to configure and manufacture customised solutions at short notice.

You are looking for the perfect drive system to solve your drive tasks. Use the offer of a leading manufacturer of electrical drive technology up to an output power of 4000 Watt. Dunkermotoren engineers and manufactures system solutions based on:
  • brushless DC servo motors/ brush-type DC Motors
  • integrated power- and logic controllers
  • planetary- and worm gearboxes
  • linear direct drives
  • encoders and brakes

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