With „safety“ the right decision for new drive tasks

Dunkermotoren GmbH

"With „safety“ the right decision for new drive tasks" by Dunkermotoren GmbH

Controllers from Dunkermotoren with Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality.

The external controller series BGE has been extended by another, important feature. In addition to the standard drive types such as positioning, speed and torque control and numerous condition monitoring parameters, an important safety function has been added. With the STO function, the power output stage of the electronics is safely switched off via two channels. If one of the two signals looses the input level of 24 VDC, the electronics reliably switch off the transistors that control the motor phases. The electronics BGE 6060A STO is suitable for drives (brushless or brushed) in a power class from 200 W to 1200 W. In addition to the CANopen and EtherCAT interfaces, the controller can also be operated as a standalone version.

The main applications of the BGE 6060A STO drive controller will be due to the voltage range of 10-60 VDC, battery-powered applications such as AGVs or industrial applications. For drive applications with STO functionality, Dunkermotoren also offers the appropriate controller for outputs <200W. In combination with a drive and attachment from the Dunkermotoren portfolio, we deliver a reliable and future-proof drive system with "safety".

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Dunkermotoren with modular linear motor concept on the market
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About Dunkermotoren GmbH

Dunkermotoren is a customer-oriented, innovative, quality- and environmentally conscious company. The success of our company predominantly rests on our employees. Our strength is the realisation of complete drive solutions. Based on our sophisticated modular system and the extensive product range of stadardised components, we are in the position to configure and manufacture customised solutions at short notice.

You are looking for the perfect drive system to solve your drive tasks. Use the offer of a leading manufacturer of electrical drive technology up to an output power from 1 up to 4000 Watt. Dunkermotoren engineers and manufactures system solutions based on:
  • brushless DC servo motors/ brush-type DC Motors
  • integrated power- and logic controllers
  • planetary- and worm gearboxes
  • linear direct drives
  • encoders and brakes

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