Servo couplings for bridging larger distances without an intermediate bearing support

JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

"Servo couplings for bridging larger distances without an intermediate bearing support" by JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

Jun 11, 2018
As well as servo bellow couplings as standard and miniature couplings and couplings for fitting in tight spaces or with high torques, JAKOB also manufactures servo couplings for long wheelbases of up to 6 m. These distance couplings, also referred to as prop shafts or intermediate axes, are used to bridge large shaft distances without intermediate bearings. Highly-dynamic distance couplings are needed everywhere in machine and plant construction. They are used primarily in connection with jack screw gears, linear guides, palletting and packaging systems.

The main design feature of the distance couplings for large wheelbases is a variable-length intermediate pipe from aluminium, steel or carbon fibre composite (CFC), which can be optimally adapted to the customer's specific application. Inside the metal bellow, it is supported on the hub parts by a special Cardan bearing. This relieves the bellow element of the pipe weight and in the event of impact, the possibility of damage to the unit and physical injury is ruled out from the outset. The precision manufacture of the individual elements achieves high concentricity characteristics and quiet running behaviour. They are capable of transferring torques up to 3200 Nm and can be mounted to shafts with bore diameters of up to 85 mm.

The couplings are suitable for a host of applications as connecting, joint and synchronous shafts and replace intermediate shaft structures with complex, additional intermediate bearing arrangements. Major alignment errors, especially parallel offset, can be compensated.

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JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH is an internationally leading manufacturer of servo couplings, safety couplings, and mechanical clamping elements. For more than 40 years JAKOB has been developing and producing various types of torsionally stiff metal bellows couplings and safety couplings for the servo drive industry. Throughout our history we have earned ourselves a reputation of being a reliable and competent partner in the motion and drive industry.

JAKOB is the market leader in the area of mechanical tool and component clamping with its innovative and unique clamping technology.

The JAKOB wedge clamping technology provides the highest clamping forces with low actuation torques and, at the same time, maximum operational safety. The goal of our servo and safety coupling catalog is to provide a general overview over our standard product range. Highly trained engineers and technicians at our facility in Kleinwallstadt are always ready with a solution to best meet your requirements.