A powerful and cost-effective drive

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"A powerful and cost-effective drive" by Maxon Motor AG

Dec 5, 2017
The brushless EC-i 30 motor from maxon motor.

Several different versions of the high-torque, brushless EC-i motors from maxon motor are now available in small diameters. They are perfect for hand-held devices and robotic applications.

With the EC-i 30, maxon motor is introducing a new brushless DC motor. It has a diameter of 30 millimeters and is smaller than the EC-i 40 currently available. This motor stands out for its high dynamics, low cogging torque, and high torque. It is available in two lengths, each in a Standard and a High Torque version, with a maximum nominal torque of up to 110 mNm at 75 W.

Many possible combinations
Despite their impressive performance, EC-i 30 DC motors are a cost-effective alternative to existing drives. The compact design is especially suitable for hand-held devices and for robotic applications.

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