VISCOFLUX mobile . now with new process device in stainless steel


"VISCOFLUX mobile . now with new process device in stainless steel" by FLUX-GERÄTE GmbH

VISCOFLUX mobile, the mobile and thus particularly flexible solution for pumping highviscosity materials, is now available with a new process device in a stainless steel design. The fully rust-proof process device is extremely easy to clean and even able to be completely hosed down. It was developed to comply with the applicable hygiene requirements for the food industry: Hence all joints are welded and important details designed so that material is not able to penetrate, thus preventing any accumulation of contaminants in the first place.

The new process device has a load capacity of up to 100 kg making it also suitable for larger pumps or stainless steel motors. The decoupling of the lifting and moving sledge is done with slip clutch and electronics so that tracking with the lifting sledge is no longer necessary. Airflow is regulated by a 2-way ball valve and the compressed-air hose is firmly attached. In addition, the process device has a standard chassis for euro-pallets.

Emptying drums up to less than 1 % residue (in drums without inliner)
VISCOFLUX mobile is a stand-alone system consisting of a mobile process device and a pump unit composed of drive motor, pump and follower plate with process seal, which is individually designed for each application. Its compact design makes the system so small it can even be transported in a lift. After the transport process is complete the system is quick to dismantle and easy to clean. The new stainless steel process device is suitable for Pharma, Food, and Cosmetic segments for transporting highly viscous media, such as tomato paste for soups, fruit purees, caramel cream or Vaseline. Users profit from virtually complete drum emptying up to less than 1 % residue (up to less than 2 % with aseptic bags). This also makes the expensive subsequent manual cleaning of the drums, which is otherwise required, unnecessary.

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In 1950 the world’s first electric barrel pump was given the name FLUX. Under this company name an enterprise subsequently developed which can without doubt be considered a pioneer and market leader in the field of barrel pump technology.
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In 1950, the world's first electric barrel pump was named FLUX. In the meantime the undisputed pioneer in the area of barrel pump technology possesses outstanding knowhow and experience in many other areas of pump technology. The wide product range now extends from the most different types of pumps with motors, flow meters and accessories through special system solutions such as the drum emptying systems to custom-designed systems for plant engineering. The internationally operating family company with its 7 subsidiaries and numerous representatives supplies its products to more than 100 countries worldwide.