KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH
Bühlstrasse 25
63179 Obertshausen


KARL MAYER is a machine builder with real passion. This family run company was founded in Obertshausen in 1937 and manufactures both warp knitting machines and warp preparation systems; it is now the world leader in these sectors. The company currently employs roughly 2,000 workers worldwide, of which approx. 1,300 work in Germany and 1,100 in Obertshausen. It operates subsidiaries in Japan, Italy, England, China, Switzerland and the USA, and supplies machines and equipment to customers all over the world. For all of them, KARL MAYER represents the highest level of quality and technology, an image that this company, with its total commitment to first-class workmanship and its constant search for innovative solutions, quite rightly deserves.

Address Bühlstrasse 25, 63179 Obertshausen, Germany
Business Type Manufacturer
Management Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Fritz P. Mayer , Dr. Helmut Preßl
Export Markets Worldwide
Year Founded 1937
Number of Employees 1900
Homepage www.karlmayer.de
Phone +49 6104 402-0

News - KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

The new architecture of transparency

New patterns produced on the HKS 3-M are inspiring the Turkish net curtain sector

Added features and digital machine documentation


Warp knitting companies are increasingly using the KARL MAYER WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS. The number of users is growing all the time, and online procurement is gaining momentum globally. The scope of this order platform is being extended by continuous innovation.

Getting close to the Turkish market

Greatly demanded fabrics and machines - KARL MAYER's stand at ITM 2018 in Istanbul

As the meeting point for the sector, KARL MAYER invites you to visit its stand at the ITM exhibition

Running from 14.-17.04.2018 in the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul, hall 7, stand 709

Many visitors, valuable suggestions

KARL MAYER successfully participated in the JEC World trade fair in Paris, 06.-08.03.2018

Establishing contacts and showing presence - KARL MAYER's successful participation in DTG Bangladesh, 08.-11.02.2018 in Dhaka

After four days, the DTG Bangladesh ended successfully on 11. February 2018. This leading trade fair for machines of the textile and clothing industry took place at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka, and had roughly 1,100 exhibitors from 36 countries. KARL MAYER was also among the exhibiting companies; this enterprise belongs to the leading manufacturers of the

In tune with the latest trends at a leading trade fair

KARL MAYER is showcasing market-specific and innovative systems for the Turkish market in hall 7, stand 709 at the ITM exhibition, which is taking place from 14.-17.04.2018 in the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul

KARL MAYER is becoming a partner in ADAMOS and will reap the benefits of joining a strong global alliance

As far as KARL MAYER is concerned, digitization is an important driver of growth, productivity and innovation. This manufacturer is one of the innovative market leaders and driving force for innovations in textile machinery building. KARL MAYER offers solutions for warp knitting, technical

KARL MAYER acquires from MASTER the continuous dyeing technology with indigo

MASTER and KARL MAYER signed the agreement for transferring the continuous dyeing technology with indigo and other dyestuffs of warp chains for denim fabrics.

KARL MAYER is showcasing market-specific and innovative systems at the ITM exhibition

Hall 7, stand 709 in the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul, which is taking place from 14.-17.04.2018

KARL MAYER is exhibiting at this year's ITM exhibition in hall 7, stand 709 as an innovative partner in the warp knitting and warp preparation sectors, and one which can offer leading brands many new ideas and concepts.

A hot outfit for cold days

A hot outfit for cold days Knitted bolero with a lace look, made from a fabric produced on an HKS 4-M EL

Success breeds success

A high demand for the LACE.EXPRESS has led to the development of the new OJ 83/1 B

In the black with an evergreen in blue

KARL MAYER's denim business is booming

KARL MAYER Technische Textilien presents

Innovative solutions relating to the topic of reinforcement layer fabrics at JEC World, to be held from 6. to 8. March 2018 in Paris, Hall 5, Stand Q58

Successful conference entitled "Additive manufacturing for the textile industry" held at KARL MAYER in Obertshausen, on 11. Janu

The organizer of this event was the Textile Research Institute Thüringen-Vogtland e.V. (TITV), the cooperation partner was KARL MAYER. With this meeting the two innovation drivers of the textile industry have really hit the mark. "We want to create the exchange between the two worlds, namely between the additive manufacture as a young discipline of production and the textile sector as an

KARL MAYER relies on digitisation, and sets up a new company

KARL MAYER founded a new enterprise on 3. November 2017

The company's name is KARL MAYER Digital Factory GmbH with registered office in Frankfurt/Main. For KARL MAYER digitisation is an important success factor.

KARL MAYER Workshop Vietnam - Starting from November 2017

Workshop Provides 1 Week WKB Course

With 9 months of sufficient preparation, KARL MAYER Workshop Vietnam has officially launched with Grand Opening Ceremony on November 13, 2017.

Using large sectional warp beams to produce warp-knitted cotton terry towels efficiently

A tandem system, consisting of the WKD-SP and the TM 4 TS EL, is revolutionising the terry business

A terry warp knitting machine writing headlines

The TMJ 4/1-T - a terry warp knitting machine with a jacquard bar, is bringing a touch of pizzazz to towels

The fabric makes a sofa

A high-fashion look for upholstery fabrics produced on the new RASCHELTRONIC®

Securely packaged

An online process for the non-stop production of sacks on KARL MAYER's RDS 11 EL machine

The wheels of fashion keep on turning

The LACE.EXPRESS shows off all its features with this attractive apparel lace

Onwards and upwards

KARL MAYER is supporting the Vietnamese warp knitting sector along its path towards modernisation and refurbishment

The KARL MAYER WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS continues to be a talking point

New features and feedback from KARL MAYER's online platform for ordering spare parts

An in-house show will be held to mark KARL MAYER's 80th anniversary in Changzhou, China, 23.-25.11.2017

The global market leader and trendsetter in the production of warp knitting and warp preparation machines, KARL MAYER, is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2017, and is marking this milestone by holding a series of special events with in-house shows held at its different subsidiaries.

Speed up production of TongDe Knitting

From KARL MAYER chain link lace machine to LACE.EXPRESS, FuJian TongDe Knitting Co. Ltd

Valuable source of inspiration for the Indian clothing market

Delicately patterned fabrics produced on the RSJ 4/1 machine open up completely new design options

First-class fluffiness

Super-heavy terry fabric produced on a TM 4 TS EL

Turning the screw of success in Asia

KARL MAYER is expanding its service operations in Vietnam, Bangladesh and India

Pressing all the right buttons when producing spacer textiles

The KARL MAYER Academy is offering a new series of training courses on double-bar raschel knitting machines

A September packed with trade fairs

KARL MAYER will participate in Irantex, Techtextil India and Composites Europe

A large project paves the way for success

KARL MAYER ROTAL is making a name for itself with the new PRODYE-R and a huge project in the rope dyeing sector

In-house show of superlatives to mark KARL MAYER's 80th anniversary

KARL MAYER celebrates with its business partners at its headquarters in Obertshausen on 06.07.2017

Travelling on new markets with KARL MAYER

A meeting point for the sector and a source of inspiration - KARL MAYER's stand at Techtextil, 09.-12.05.2017 in Frankfurt

KARL MAYER Technische Textilien (Technical Textiles) is opening up a whole world of multiaxial textiles

The JEC WORLD 2017 innovation platform ended on 16 March with many satisfied exhibitors - and KARL MAYER Technische Textilien was one of them

Celebrating the future with a jubilee

On the occasion of KARL MAYER's 80th anniversary, the company invites you to an in-house show at its headquarters in Obertshausen at the beginning of July 2017

The TM 4 TS EL, the fastest way to fluffy fabrics

The TM 4 TS EL can efficiently produce terry fabrics with long repeats, hems and borders

Building for the future with KARL MAYER

Textile-reinforced concrete - the theme of KARL MAYER's presentation at TECHTEXTIL, to be held in Frankfurt from 9.-12.5.2017, stand 3.0/E 18

Already dreaming of summer holiday in winter

A summer dress made from a fabric produced on the HKS 4-M EL

Sophisticated technology for a rustic denim look

KARL MAYER launches the PRODYE-R - a customised dyeing machine for the rope dyeing process

Jeans are the perennial evergreens of the clothing sector. Their characteristics and looks change all the time, so that they are always on trend. The different appearances are created by different production techniques - particularly by the dyeing processes involved.

Multibar lace - classic yet always something new

KARL MAYER continues to develop multibar lace - with block yarn guides and bourdon cords

Making more room for pioneering work

A large number of visitors attended the ceremony to celebrate the opening of NIPPON MAYER's Development Centre, 01.-03.03.2017 in Fukui

KARL MAYER Technische Textilien will be exhibiting at the 2017 JEC World exhibition in Paris as a strong partner to the composit

KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH Technical Textiles is an expert and highly committed partner to the composites sector, and will be demonstrating this once again at the next JEC World

80 years KARL MAYER

Eight decades of innovation for the textile industry.
Series of in-house innovation shows for business partners.

A tricot machine has its sights firmly set on delicate apparel fabrics

The HKS 4-M EL produces transparent tricot fabrics with filigree patterns

A strong textile solution for the environment

Stretch warp knits made from TENCEL® yarn are making their way onto the market - with LE Textile

New multiaxial textiles for accurate force flow mapping

KARL MAYER takes part in the Open Hybrid LabFactory initiative by supplying a modified multiaxial warp knitting machine

Stylish shoes for the world

The RDJ 5/1 is setting new efficiency standards in the production of multicoloured sports shoes

A surprising number of visitors and some interesting conversations

KARL MAYER looks back on a successful INDIA ITME 2016, held 03.-08.12.2016 in Mumbai

Exciting new ways of thinking outside the box in lace production

With its unique productivity, the OJ 59/1 B model in the LACE.EXPRESS series is setting new trends in the production of apparel lace

KARL MAYER glides into the future

The new assembly hall at KARL MAYER's site in Obertshausen becomes operational

KARL MAYER WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS now offers even more advantages

KARL MAYER is extending the functions and content of its online platform for supplying spare parts

A fetish emerges from underground

Obsessive latex - Sara Linke's master's collection is a new expression of elegance

Making more room - for promoting innovation and business development

KARL MAYER Technische Textilien supports its customers with its modern showrooms in Chemnitz and Naila

Innovations of today for the generations of tomorrow

KARL MAYER is upbeat following the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 Show, held 21.-25.10.2016

Innovative warp knitting and warp preparation technology for the Indian clothing sector

KARL MAYER travels with an extensive exhibition program to INDIA ITME, 03. - 08.12.2016 in Mumbai. The renowned producer will be showing at INDIA ITME 2016 innovations from warp knitting, warp preparation and technical textiles in Hall 6, Stand B 3, on an area of 504

Halfway through ITMA ASIA + CITME, 21. - 25. 10. 2016, and KARL MAYER is achieving positive results

KARL MAYER is successfully exhibiting at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 as the world's leading supplier of warp knitting machines, warp preparation machines and systems for producing technical textiles. Right from the first couple of days, this Obertshausen-based manufacturer has been able to

Walking on water - with the right technology

Fabric manufactured by Setex-Textil from warp beams produced on a KARL MAYER warping machine are used to cover Christo's Floating Piers

Simply perfect

The warp-knitted fabric produced on an HKS 2-SE machine

Welcome to KARL MAYER City - the home of innovation

KARL MAYER will be exhibiting on two sites - at ITMA ASIA + CITME, 21.-25.10.2016, in hall 4.1, stand A 30, in the NECC in Shanghai, and at an in-house show at KARL MAYER (China) in Wujin, Changzhou

Shopping instead of procuring

KARL MAYER was not only showing state-of-the-art machine technology at ITMA 2015, it was also ushering in a new era in customer relations. Customers can now communicate with this manufacturer via smartphone, tablet or computer. This makes life much easier for them and also applies to the ordering of spare parts.

All-round technology and 360° service for the Turkish market

Home textiles, apparel lace, sizing and a comprehensive service – KARL MAYER is well prepared for the ITM trade fair, 01.-04. June 2016 in Istanbul

The ITM exhibition is one of the world’s most important platforms for the global textile machinery manufacturing sector. The exhibits at the ITM exhibition, which takes place at irregular intervals, cover the entire textile production

Everything revolves around tulle

Not just stylish and versatile, but also easy to embroider – the new tulle constructions produced on the HKS 3-M continue to attract attention

Delicate embroidery grounds continue to be in vogue. Fabric producers are selling transparent, extremely fine, tulle fabrics in the global clothing and lingerie sectors and are constantly demanding new creations in order to stimulate demand

KARL MAYER is participating in a project to promote concrete reinforced with carbon-fibre textiles

Technical textiles have made their mark as reinforcing materials for use in concrete structures. The world’s first bridge made from fibre-reinforced concrete was erected in 2005 in Oschatz. Textiles made from carbon-fibre rovings are particularly suitable for reinforcing concrete, since carbon fibres

Well-balanced, optimised features for maximum customer satisfaction

News on the NOV-O-MATIC: its technical features make it even more attractive to the market

The NOV-O-MATIC is an automatic, short-warp, sectional warping machine that focuses on premium quality and flexibility when producing warp beams. The technical features of this innovative warp preparation machine include the laser band build-

Simple elegance accentuates feminine flamboyance

Fantastic at second glance – a warp-knitted fabric patterned with a high/low design in the Gothic style, produced on an HKS 4-M EL

Classically cut and simply white, the dress shown here

Pooling knowledge in Hybrid Lightweight Technologies

KARL MAYER was present at the setting-up of the Working Group Hybrid Lightweight Technologies

Lightweight construction is absolutely indispensable when operating in areas that need to conserve resources and, as a construction philosophy, has many supporters – and this also applies to the

An award-winning user interface design

KARL MAYER is awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 for KAMCOS® 2

KARL MAYER not only focuses on improving the performance features of its textile machines, it also concentrates on continuously upgrading the machine handling – and this company has developed some exceptional solutions. For example, KARL MAYER has been awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 for its KAMCOS® 2 user

The powerful symbol of a new beginning

The merger between KARL MAYER’s subsidiaries, LIBA and MALIMO, forms the new KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH

The contract to seal the merger between KARL MAYER MALIMO Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH and KARL MAYER LIBA Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH was signed on 24 August 2015. The new company will be known as KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH. It will operate from the two existing

A presentation with wow effect

The innovative global market leader, KARL MAYER, reports positive feedback from the ITMA 2015 fair

One of the highlights at ITMA 2015 in Milan was KARL MAYER’s presentation. This well-known manufacturer was showing its products on a stand covering an area of 1,200 m² over two levels. This company was showing nine ground-breaking machines and nine new developments for the textile and

Red-hot for saris

Warp-knitted fabrics are increasingly being used for producing stylish sari fabrics, since they are efficient to produce and can be manufactured in a range of different designs. Warp-knitted embroidery grounds are already being widely used here, and include 3-course, hexagonal tulle, various

Environmental contribution in typical KARL MAYER green

Energy has different functions in the operation of a warp knitting machine: mainly the drive of the knitting elements but also the cooling of the components which must perfectly meet the specific requirements within a certain temperature range due to their material-conditioned features. Nowadays the consumption of energy is an important ecological aspect as well as an expense

Trade fair starts with sales success

ShanghaiTex opened its doors on 15. June 2015 and brought KARL MAYER a successful exhibition launch. The displayed machines - a new terry tricot machine type TS EL, a performance-enhanced HKS 4-M and a Multibar Jacquardtronic® Lace type MJ 59/1 S with special guide bar configuration - demonstrated their efficiency during operation and convinced a large audience. "Just on the first day our stand

All the right ingredients for success in Asia

KARL MAYER will present three new machines at ShanghaiTex, 15.-18.06.2015 in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, hall W1, stand C02

Lace for Cat-walk fashion

Lace is more on trend than ever before, and not just for lingerie. In particular, opulent lace patterns with large motifs and striking patterns are increasingly making their way from underwear to outerwear. KARL MAYER launched the JL 65/1 B Fashion onto the market last year to give new impetus to designing attractive lace fabrics. The Jacquardtronic® Lace is perfect for processing heavy bourdon

Carrying new ideas on tulle into the textile world

Delicate warp-knitted tulle or net fabrics lend transparency and style to fashion - as embroidered grounds or on their own with a very wide range of net patterns. To produce these extremely delicate creations use is made of Raschel machines and the HKS 3-M. This high-production tricot

A proximity to the market wins hands down

A new factory and presentation of the new DS 21/30 EC 2, IsoWarp and MJ 59/1B, 210"

Innovative solutions for unconventional applications

KARL MAYER will be exhibiting at Techtextil 2015 as an expert partner in the development of innovative solutions, which are setting new standards in many areas of everyday life and industry. On its stand, E 18 in hall 3.0, covering an area of 80 m2, there will be a meeting room in the shape of a tower with a spiral entrance. This is made entirely from warp-knitted

KARL MAYER will take part in the JEC Europe Composites Show & Conferences with its own exhibition stand

For the first time, KARL MAYER will be exhibiting at the JEC on its own stand, covering an area of 40 m2 in Pavilion 7.3, R 35. KARL MAYER MALIMO and KARL MAYER LIBA will be showing their extensive expertise and many years of know-how gained in the

KARL MAYER is giving the market for spacer textiles a boost with the RDJ 5/1 and RD 7/2-12, especially in shoe fabric sector

Warp-knitted spacer textiles are continuing to make headway. Breathable, tough and stylish, they are increasingly taking over from flat fabrics in the shoe fabric sector, but these functional spacer textiles

Christmas wear light

A red jacket, boots and hat may not make Santa Claus, but the outfit shown here can still give us pleasure - and not just at Christmas time.

Weft insertion in line with the courses to suit the market

A great deal of potential lies in exploiting synergistic effects - as the latest development from KARL MAYER MALIMO shows. This textile machinery manufacturer, which specialises in technical textiles, has combined the key components of its RS MSUS-V machine with biaxial technology and developed a biaxial machine featuring weft insertion in line with the courses. This new innovation is known as

Striking a blow for speed once again

Two-bar, high-speed tricot machines can now produce plain warp-knitted textiles even more efficiently. KARL MAYER launched the HKS 2-M onto the market at this year’s ITMA ASIA + CITME fair in June, thus presenting a machine that is roughly 20% faster than its predecessor. At a working width of 180", the HKS 2-M can reach maximum speeds of 3,200 min-1. The version with a width of 210", which can

Reusable clip strings set the tone in string bar production

KARL MAYER’s lace raschel machines are extremely productive yet flexible, and unleash their full potential thanks to their clever special features, which are being improved and optimised all the time. The latest developments include the introduction of a flexible patternguide finger system

“Read all about it!” – latest news on Jacquardtronic® lace

The lace shown on this page is full of surprises. At first glance, it appears opulent and hand-made but, on closer inspection, it has a filigree look, especially in the filled-in pattern areas. The style of this baroque design is reminiscent of Flanders lace. A feature of this construction, which is also known as dentelle de binche, is its open, coarse ground combined with finely engraved loopnet

India – an important market and now also a production location for KARL MAYER

India is an important market for KARL MAYER. This traditional textile country is currently the second most important sales region for its Warp Preparation Business Unit. In some sectors, such as direct beaming and sizing machines, KARL MAYER has a market share of more than 90%. Also KARL MAYER’s Warp Knitting Business Unit is increasingly successful in India. The Business Unit achieved roughly 4%

A round of applause for the first Multibar Lace, 210", in India

The first Multibar Lace machine with a working width of 210" delivered to India started its operation on 26 May – receiving the applause of Vasantbhai Jirawala and of his guests. The President of Zenith Silk Mills Pvt. Ltd. had

Professional audience from all over the world was captivated by KARL MAYER’s machinery

High expectations accompanied the KARL MAYER team to this year’s trade fair for textile machines ITMA ASIA + CITME in Shanghai – and all these expectations have even been exceeded. The experts of this German textile machinery manufacturer received a huge rush of visitors from a lot of

Tea-time fashion

The lace on the smart tea-time dress featured on this page is the most feminine of all fashion accessories for the most British of all rituals in the United Kingdom. The openwork trimming features decorations and leaf arabesques in a detailed arrangement on a relatively dense ground. Moreover, the

Perfect pattern beams for warp knitting

The high speeds in warp knitting frequently require technical modifications to be made along the entire production chain – especially in warp preparation. Lace production is one example of this. KARL MAYER’s modern lace raschel machines can currently reach speeds of

Textronic® and Jacquardtronic® lace production, tricot machines and denim warp preparation technology of the next generation

KARL MAYER will surely have a flying start with an unmatched technology show at ITMA ASIA + CITME. The innovations belong to the sections of lace production, tricot machines and warp preparation units and they comprise not only new technical developments but also novel textiles and applications.

New-fashioned lace articles produced with high efficiency

The MJ 65/1B – a high-performance complement to the MJ machine series

Good news for manufacturers of flat jacquard lace – KARL MAYER is expanding its MJ series of machines by the incorporation of an MJ 65/1B. The multibar Jacquardtronic® Lace series unveiled its MJ 42/1B machine at ShanghaiTex 2013. This machine was launched onto the world market at the same time as the MJ 59/1B, the version with more guide bars. Both machines are based on the company’s extensive

From the ice they are freed, the stream and brook…

…By the spring’s enlivening, lovely look;
The valley’s green with joys of hope;
The winter old and weak ascends;
Back to the rugged mountain slope”.*

Multibar raschel machines with a working width of 210" are premiered in India

The ML series of raschel machines is setting the standard in the fashion sector, as well as in the production of traditional garments. With their gauge of E 24, these machines are catering for the continuing trend for light, delicate plain fabrics and lace. In a working width of 210", these

Great interest I the ML series with a width of 210"

KARL MAYER is not only showing at this year’s ITMA ASIA + CITME trade fair in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (hall E3, stand D01), it will also be exhibiting at an in-house show at its subsidiary in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. This customer event will take place on 17, 18 and 19 June. By holding this event, KARL MAYER is reacting to the great interest being shown by the Asian

The MT 51/1/32 – the flagship of the new Multibar Textronic® Lace series

With the new MT 51/1/32, KARL MAYER is giving new impetus to the Textronic® lace market, both economically and technically. This machine offers an exceptionally high level of performance for a low investment outlay, thus enabling lace, with its characteristic relief-like designs, to be produced competitively. In this case, the MT 51/1/32 scores highly both in terms of its economic viability and

Bionics experts visited KARL MAYER

In bionics animals and plants serve as examples for new creative solutions and innovative technical applications. What these are will be discussed in the ‘Bionics in operation’ events series from the Hessian Bionics Network. The specialists meeting at the interface between Nature and technology is supported by the Hessian Ministry for Economics and was held recently on 13 February at KARL MAYER

Spotlight on the KARL MAYER Academies in Germany and India

In January, the KARL MAYER Academy was able to look back on a successful year. The courses held in the company’s own training centre have been extremely well attended and the trainees were delighted with their learning experience. New courses are now available in India and Germany.

A new course in Spanish

KARL MAYER: Meeting point for Asia’s lace manufacturers, weaving sector and denim producers

At this year’s ITMA ASIA + CITME KARL MAYER will be exhibiting lace raschel machines committed to beauty and efficiency as well as denim technology from a single source. An improved Jacquardtronic® lace machine with main focus on patterning diversity belongs to the novelties intended for

The Charm of Transparency

According to the “Moods Spring.Summer 2015” cards published by the Deutsches-Mode Institut, DMI (German Fashion Institute), ultra-lightweight textiles are the latest trend in both the sportswear and haute couture sectors. They flow beautifully, are light as a feather, and gently envelop the body in

Warp knit fabrics put beauty in a favourable light

KARL MAYER not only supplies state-of-the-art machines but also provides innovative ideas for designing textile products. A selection of new warp-knitted fabrics and models was therefore developed in time for the company’s open-house event, which aimed to give new impetus to the clothing and

Blueprint for efficient denim production in India

KARL MAYER’s Warp Preparation Business Unit is continuing along its successful path in India. At the end of 2012, this German textile machinery manufacturer received an order from Arvind to deliver a denim processing machine to its factory in Ahmedabad. The Indig-O-Matic slasher/dyeing line went into operation in October at this company, which is one of the biggest fabric and apparel producers in

Getting information from a leading textile company

For KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik, 2014 began with a high-level visit from the Indian Textile Minister, Dr. Kavuru Sambasiva Rao, who announced that he would pay a flying visit on 9 January. This member of the Indian government took advantage of his visit to Heimtextil in Frankfurt to make a trip to nearby Obertshausen to meet this well-known manufacturer of

The RSJ 4/1 now also available in E 32

The latest version of the RSJ 4/1 is one of the fastest machines for the production of fine warp-knitted fabrics with a lace look. The innovative Rascheltroni®c machine celebrated its premiere at ITMA 2011 in Barcelona, where it gave a convincing and unique performance. It has been possible

Merger of KARL MAYER and LIBA on track

As announced earlier, on January 1, 2014 KARL MAYER acquired majority ownership of LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH. Integration of the two worldwide leading companies in areas of development, manufacturing and delivery of warp knitting and technical textile machinery is implemented according to plan. At this point in time, renaming has been addressed. As a member of the KARL MAYER Group, from now on,

Competence of KARL MAYER with regard to bionics

Nature is a rich source of inspiration for the development of technical solutions which are being created within the framework of bionics. In order to make middle-class and industrial users aware of the end-use potential of this innovative scientific discipline, the series of events 'Bionics in operation' was started in 2011. The initiator here was the Hesse-Nanotech action line in the Hesse

Feedback on the ML 46 in the production hall

The ML 46 has proven to be a best-seller, especially in Turkey. KARL MAYER exhibited this successful machine, which is part of its ML series, at this year’s ITM Texpo Eurasia from 29 May to 6 June in Istanbul, and detected a great deal of interest in this machine. The visitors were extremely impressed by the ML 46 during the demonstration. This multibar

A green Christmas with the MJ 59/1B

A delicate, lace fabric in warm shades of gold and brown was developed especially for producing the seductive Christmas outfit shown on this page. The fabric consists of a fine, tulle-like net ground crossed by oval, charm-like effects featuring fine, floral motifs and tiny flowers with an openwork look. The upper

Technical improvements made to the RD machines

Warp-knitted spacer fabrics produced on the RD 6/1-12 and RD 7/2-12 (EL) are absolutely indispensable nowadays for use as upholstery fabrics and shoe textiles. These breathable 3D textiles with

Taste is open to dispute – but there is only one right machine

As the shoe shown on this page illustrates, we can cope with anything in our daily lives and our sporting prowess knows no bounds – as long as we are wearing the right shoes. This all-round, stylish shoe is light and comfortable to wear, and is also stable and breathable. The textile used in the shaft is

Corporate merger of KARL MAYER and LIBA

On January 1, 2014 KARL MAYER will acquire the majority of the ownership of LIBA Maschinenfabrik GmbH, which in the future will be integrated into the KARL MAYER group. For decades KARL MAYER and LIBA have been the leaders in the development, manufacturing and distribution of warp

The lace produced on the ML 46 – if you want something more than just flowers

Lace is an indispensable accessory in the world of women’s fashions, and has not been regarded as an unaffordable luxury for many years now. In fact, efficient production techniques have put these filigree fabrics well within the reach of every woman’s purse. For example, KARL MAYER’s ML 46 has been setting new standards in terms of productivity. At a working width of 134", this Multibar Lace

A new yarn tensioner for processing fine glass filaments

The electronics sector is booming, as are all the sectors that supply it. The production and processing of fine glass filaments is one of the sectors that is profiting from the growing demand for electronic components. These yarns, with their high elastic modulus, are used in the

German technology meets Indian textiles

In order to improve the level of knowledge about German textile machinery manufacturers and to spread information about the latest technological developments, the German Textile Machinery Association (VDMA) is arranging two technological conferences in Indian textile centres this year as well. The VDMA event series will bear the title 'German technology meets Indian textiles'. It will be held at

High fashion JL lace – direct from the developing

The Jacquardtronic® Lace machine is one of the successful models in KARL MAYER’s range of machines, which is why it is continually being improved and revamped. Work carried out by the company’s own textile developers illustrates the effect of continuously improving the performance features on the range of fabrics that can be produced on these innovative machines. The latest, innovative lace was

Intermediate sprint for the ITMA marathon

In view of ever shorter innovation cycles, we find that four years is quite a long time to elapse between the ITMA exhibitions in Europe, the leading trade fair for international textile machinery builders. This is the reason why KARL MAYER decided to present its latest machine innovations already this year, this means at half-time between ITMA 2011 in Barcelona and ITMA 2015 in Milan. The open

Production of fine fabrics in Hard

The textile producer, Willy Hermann, is streets ahead of other manufacturers when it comes producing fine knitted fabrics. This traditional company was set up in 1934, is currently being run by the

KARL MAYER at Techtextil India, 3. to 5. October 2013 in Mumbai

The German Pavilion can be found in Hall 6 during the leading trade show to be held from 3. to 5. October in Mumbai. The visitors to the KARL MAYER stand will be offered a wide range of information in

KARL MAYER’s innovation and high-tech show

On 25. September KARL MAYER will be presenting its latest machine developments as well as ideas for manufacturing innovative sportswear and outerwear fabrics. For the Business Unit Warp Knitting the open house event will take place at KARL MAYER’s own Development Center in Obertshausen. Here the

New ideas and comprehensive information on the production of warp-knitted articles

"Come, see and get inspired" is the motto of KARL MAYER's open-house event to take place on 25. September. The leading manufacturer of warp-knitting machines and warp preparation systems invites its customers to come to Obertshausen and Hausen to have a look at the latest machine

Flying high with the new Multibar Jacquardtronic® Lace

Another development from KARL MAYER in Jacquardtronic® machines for efficiently producing lace for lingerie and apparel is the Multibar Jacquardtronic® Lace, models MJ 42/1B and MJ 59/1B. These new machines from KARL MAYER offer an exceptional price:performance ratio for Jacquardtronic® Lace machines having a low and average number of bars, and are therefore extremely attractive to lace producers

New addition to the four-bar tricot machine range

KARL MAYER has developed a new machine in its four-bar tricot machine range and, with this machine, has applied its tried-and-tested twin product line strategy to this successful series of tricot machines as well. The new machine is designated the TM 4. With its exceptional price:performance ratio, the TM 4 is the basic version of the HKS 4 and HKS 4-M EL high-tech machines. The new machine also

New: a mid-range elastane warping machine for the warp knitting sector

Elastane yarns give garments stretch and a perfect fit, but they do present a number of production challenges. During warp preparation in particular, the special physical characteristics of the high-stretch synthetic yarns have to be considered. The capacity of the yarns to stretch by as much as 700% demands that they be processed without any friction points, if possible. Friction points cause

The HKS 2-SE – the world’s fastest warp knitting machine

KARL MAYER’s high-speed warp knitting machines have always set the standard in producing plain warp-knitted textiles at high speed. The last benchmark was 4,000 min-1. The current version of the HKS 2-3 E with CFP components has been operating at this high speed, but even this

Sophisticated technology for feminine fashion

KARL MAYER has incorporated a new working width into its tried-and-tested ML range of Multibar Lace machines, and has thus created the right conditions for increasing the production output by as much as 50%. The ML series is one of KARL MAYER’s best-selling product ranges. The successful Multibar Lace machines were launched onto the market for the first time at the beginning of 2011, and demand

Safer and faster lift-off

Today the airspace is safer than ever before. Since the terrorist attacks of 11. September 2001 every person who wants to board an aircraft has to pass through several inspection points and has to observe a lot of rules. But what about the air cargo shipments? It was in October 2010 that parcel bombs from Yemen

OMBRA-DLS® always puts pot plants in the right light

Behind every innovative product is a good idea – which is based on a partnership between specialists having a forward-looking attitude – a principle that Contechma, Penn Textile Solutions and KARL MAYER have also used to great success with their joint project. The partners developed an elastic screening system which maintains a constant climate and, thus, optimum conditions for plant growing in

Bringing the shoe sector up to speed

KARL MAYER will have completed its TM machine series in time for Shanghaitex at the beginning of June this year. Until now, this successful machine series has been made up of the TM 2, TM 3, TM 4-T and TM 4-T EL. This new machine with four guide bars can produce plain fabrics and thus complements the TM

All-round solutions for the technical textiles sector

KARL MAYER was showcasing its products at this year’s Techtextil with the aim of creating a real experience. This textile machinery builder, which is based in Obertshausen, was exhibiting as an expert technical partner in the development of innovative products and wanted its visitors to actually experience this – as they lingered for a while in room elements made from warp-knitted,

Pioneers in a growth market

The textile industry belongs to India’s supporting pillars and receives important growth stimuli from numerous innovative manufacturers such as GoyalKnitfab Pvt. Ltd. This company based in Surat is one of the country’s market leaders in the warp-knitting section. The family enterprise was established in 2001 and today it produces tricot, Raschel and one Simplex articles, particularly elastic and

Knowing which way the wind blows

Just as sustainable as the production of wind energy is the growth in businesses specialising in the technology for its exploitation. For some time now, the wind turbine market has been expanding very positively. The textile machinery producer, KARL MAYER MALIMO, has expanded its product range in order to cater for the special requirements of the wind power sector even better. This subsidiary of

E 50 – a fine distinction

E-50-gauge fabric makes a fine distinction when it comes to warp-knitted lingerie and sportswear fabrics. The finest warp-knitted fabric in the world is produced at a gauge of 50 needles per inch,

KARL MAYER’s stand at Techtextil 2013

KARL MAYER will be presenting two new innovations on stand E 18 in hall 3.0 at Techtextil 2013, which is scheduled to take place from 11 to 13 June in Frankfurt. The Warp Knitting Business Unit has developed acoustic-damping, warp-knitted spacer textiles, which this manufacturer will integrate effectively

KARL MAYER at ShanghaiTex, 10-13 June 2013

Traditionally, all the important companies belonging to the knitting industry are present at ShanghaiTex, and this is also valid for KARL MAYER. The world market leader for warp knitting machines and warp preparation units will be displaying its products on stand E01 in Hall W1.

Latest innovations in the fields of warp knitting and warp preparation

As far as KARL MAYER is concerned, Brazil belongs to the countries with high market potential - and, this is the reason why this German textile machinery manufacturer is already making special preparations for its participation in the country’s leading trade fair of the year, the Tecnotêxtil. The KARL MAYER Group will take part in Tecnotêxtil 2013 from 15 to 18 April on the stand of its Brazilian

KARL MAYER machines with market calibre

The world market leader in warp knitting machinery and warp preparation units has an ML 46 in its exhibition package and will demonstrate the advantages of an electronic multibar Raschel machine of the latest generation. The innovative

Strong grids unleash the forces of creativity

Carbon fibre heavy tows (CFHT) are opening up more and more applications for textile reinforcing materials in the building sector. Carbon fibre heavy tows consist of 50,000 individual filaments and can

A trade show appearance tailor-made for India and with outstanding feedback

At this year’s India ITME 2012 KARL MAYER will be presenting a machinery show of superlatives. In Hall 5, Stand P9/Q8 this textile machinery manufacturer will display a HKS 3-M machine of the 3rd generation and a FL 20/1 machine, each offering wide production possibilities for sari fabrics, a Wefttronic® RS for the sector of

Positive Patternbeam Drive – the driving force behind increased performance

The JL 59/1 B Jacquardtronic® Lace machine illustrates that versatility and speed do not necessarily have to be mutually exclusive. This all-round machine is based on the same concept as the JL 42/1, whose speed has been increased so that it now operates at speeds of up to 850 min-1 – an increase of 40%

Distance changing made easy

KARL MAYER’s RD 6/1-12 and RD 7/2-12 (EL) machines are the machines of choice when it comes to efficiently producing high-quality, warp-knitted spacer textile of medium thickness. The machines in the RD series are available in gauges of E 18, E 22 and E 24, in a working width of 138", and with a maximum

Don’t worry about spines

As the days begin to get shorter again and temperatures drop, the demand goes up for elegant legwear that keeps us warm – and this is when smooth, opaque hosiery comes into its own. Until now, producing hosiery with a dense surface was dominated by weft knitting. This technology has become well

New, high-strength geogrids produced on the RS MSUS-V

Geogrids are some of the good all-round materials used in the construction sector. They are used to separate adjacent types of ground, remove solid components when used as filters, absorb liquids over a wide area, prevent soil erosion and provide mechanical protection. Another important use is in soil stabilisation, e.g. in road building, laying railway tracks, bridge building and also for

Today’s upholstery fabric is made from warp-knitted velour

KARL MAYER’s three-bar high-speed tricot machines are more flexible than virtually any other warp knitting machine range and sells well all over the world. These all-round machines have found a growing market in Turkey in particular.

More efficient than ever – the new JL 65/1 with its different versions

Lace is feminine, sexy and seductive, and is the result of sophisticated, carefully considered, high-tech solutions. The Jacquardtronic® Lace machine is one such example. The machines in this successful range of machines manufactured by KARL MAYER produce lace with a smooth, fine, filigree appearance, can process different band widths without any transition points, and are extremely efficient –

Available in large, small and now also in medium – the Wefttronic® RS offers even more working widths

For some time now, raschel machines with parallel weft insertion have been among KARL MAYER Malimo’s best-selling machines. They mainly process high-strength polyester yarns to produce

A trade fair that opened many doors for KARL MAYER

KARL MAYER was exhibiting on two stands at Indo Intertex 2012, i.e. on an information stand in hall D alongside its agent, C. Illies & Co. to showcase its latest warp knitting machines, and in hall A in conjunction with its agent, Agansa, where samples and brochures of warp preparation machinery were available. Plenty of people paid a visit to KARL MAYER’s stand. For producers of kebaya fabrics

Working for and celebrating success together

Each sector has its leader and trend setter such as KARL MAYER for the warp knitting industry. As a result the development of the company has become a success story, both unexpectedly and logically. 'When our company took up the production of

The best way of finishing fabrics produced in a gauge of E 50 – Weskott reveals the secret

Last year, KARL MAYER equipped its HKS 2-3 E machine to operate at a gauge of E 50 and by doing this created the perfect tool for producing the finest stretch warp knits in the world. E 50 gauge fabrics are incredibly soft and supple and have a silky shimmer – making a promise to the designers in search of completely new creations, which can only be kept as long as the entire production process


Once again, KARL MAYER will be exhibiting at ITMA Asia + CITME as one of the main technical pioneers and economically successful manufacturers in the field of warp knitting machines and warp preparation machines. The visitors to this innovative company’s large stand, B 10 in

KARL MAYER at ITM Texpo Eurasia

The KARL MAYER -Group will be showing its innovations relating to the production of knitted fabrics and weaving preparation technology on the stand of its trade representative Erko Textil. One highlight of the show in hall 12, stand 1210 C will be a tricot machine in working mode. In the case

KARL MAYER at Indo Intertex

About 20,000 visitors are expected at this year's Indo Intertex and there are 414 companies on the exhibitors' list. The majority of the foreign manufacturers will be coming from China. Other large exhibitors – in decreasing order - will be Taiwan, India, Italy, South Korea, Germany, Japan and Switzerland. As the leading manufacturer of warp knitting machines, KARL MAYER will also be appearing at

KARL MAYER at Saigontex

Vietnam is making a name for itself as another south-east Asian country with far-reaching prospects for the international textile industry. According to an analysis carried out by the National Development and Reform Commission in Peking during last year, work-intensive Chinese export companies were transferring their production to Vietnam and Indonesia in particular because of the increasing cost

Warp-knitted net curtains bring a touch of chic and elegance to a grey world

Life in our towns and cities may be bright and cosmopolitan, but it often plays out against a backdrop of dark, grey buildings, which depress the people who live there. On the other hand, the greyness of life outside their doors and windows has encouraged city dwellers to brighten up their own homes more.

Processing technical yarns – the right configuration to suit every application

The textile and clothing industry is continuing to pin all its hopes on technical textiles, especially in the highly developed world. According to the Industrieverband Veredlung, Garne, Gewebe, Technische Textilien, IVGT (Industrial Association for Finishing, Yarns, Fabrics and Technical Textiles), their share of total sales in the textile industry currently amounts to more than 50%, which

Highest standards in the production of standard lace

On the one hand, standard lace is one of the essential ingredients in the successful repertoires of lingerie and clothing manufacturers. On the other hand, these delicate fabrics are among those textiles that are subject to the rapidly changing trends of the fashion world, which make increasingly stringent demands of the production technology. Above all, the demand is for the efficient production

Proof that briefs can combine style with function

By developing its functional 3D briefs, KARL MAYER is getting the bodies of fashion-conscious women into shape, as well as modernising the production of stylish shapewear. These discreetly patterned briefs are produced so that they are almost ready-to-wear on a DJ machine, type DJ 6/2 EL. The only thing

Let it be Christmas

Christmas is the time for snug hats, cosy gloves and warm coats – yet you would be surprised at the beautiful, seductive textile hidden under all this arctic clothing. When the wraps are off, something unexpected may be revealed – as the example illustrated here shows. This festive lingerie set comprises a halter-neck top and a pair of briefs made from the subtly patterned fabric bands produced

A mosaic of innovations received a lot of attention

KARL MAYER’s participation in this most important fair has turned out a complete success. Upon opening its stand at ITMA 2011 the KARL MAYER exhibition began immediately pulling the crowds. Bright roofs made of textiles in an umbrella-like arrangement dominated the two-tier area and created a modern and comfortable atmosphere. The material employed for the stand was a warp-knit fabric produced on

More compression in the lingerie, less pressure to drop weight

Today’s woman is extremely discerning – especially when it comes to her appearance. She has no desire to lead the same miserable existence as the stick-thin model, nor does she want to hide her little lumps and bumps under shapeless clothes, just to look feminine and elegant.

How to look good in four easy stages – warp knit, finish, separate and wear

Today’s fashions are stylish and comfortable, and change faster than they have ever done before. Manufacturers along the entire production chain react to these dynamics by constantly refining and revamping their production techniques, and cooperating closely with other companies is the best way of optimising the results. Cooperation between KARL MAYER and BRÜCKNER Textile Technologies is one

Not for everyone

Frogs are not the only creatures to be enchanted by the seductive bra shown here. This seductive lingerie is a real eye-catcher and features a lace band patterned with an attractive floral design in the art-deco style. The large floral motifs are clearly defined and feature a thick, hatched border and a

E 50 – a new standard for gauging the fineness of warp-knitted fabrics

There is currently a high demand in the clothing and lingerie sectors for delicate, sheer, elastic knitted fabrics. These exceptionally pliable fabrics enable completely new designs to be created, offer haptic characteristics that have never been achieved before, and promise continuing

Small footprint leaves lasting impression

Lace belongs to the “must have” accessories of female charm, appearing in the same diversity as women themselves. Nevertheless, the manufacture of these delicate and seductive articles not only requires a filigree design but also highest efficiency – requirements which result in a continuous upgrading of the technical perfection of the

CFP taps into new opportunities

KARL MAYER has been quick to recognise the potential of these lightweight, versatile materials, and has been working with carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics (CFP) for many decades. At the beginning of the nineties, the company began the in-house testing of the first warp knitting

A good attendance and a positive feedback

KARL MAYER presents itself during the ITMA 2011 exhibition as the world leader in the areas of warp knitting and warp preparation, but not only in regards of the technical view alone. The bright two story booth of the innovative textile machine manufacturer is already visible from afar and

KARL MAYER opens at ITMA with great success

Already from a distance the KARL MAYER booth attracts attention not only due to its size but moreover through it’s all textile build up following organic forms with open spaces. The two story area is designed with giant

Machines setting the trend – we care about your future

As a leading manufacturer of warp knitting and warp preparation machines, KARL MAYER will be exhibiting at this year’s ITMA trade fair from 22 to 29 September in Barcelona. For the first time, all the company’s business units will be represented on the same stand in hall 3, stand B 153-157, on an area of 1,400 m2. In its ‘Lace’ sector, KARL MAYER will be showing the new, highly productive

Fritz P. Mayer in the run-up to ITMA 2011

KWP: KARL MAYER is one of the largest exhibitors at ITMA 2011. What do you expect to achieve by exhibiting at ITMA? Fritz P. Mayer: We are hoping to meet highly qualified visitors from all over the world at ITMA 2011. We are particularly geared up to welcoming visitors who

The TM4 T – a clear commitment to efficiency

Terry fabrics made from synthetic filament yarns are right on trend, especially in view of the continuing rise in the price of cotton. KARL MAYER has reacted to the high demand for fluffy, synthetic-fibre

The KARL MAYER stand in Shanghai – a lively scene from the future

The result of this generally complex cooperation is a machine technology with an optimum cost/benefit ratio. To ensure that there was a correct framework for presenting the efficient technology there was an exhibition on two stands with an area of barely 500 m² – three and a half times more room than at the previous event. On stand W1 F21 KARL MAYER showed a new four-bar terry machine designated

KARL MAYER's presentation at Techtextil 2011

KARL MAYER demonstrated the multifaceted nature of his machines for the production of technical textiles at Techtextil 2011. Here a water sports enthusiast in a warp-knitted functional shirt and shorts posed next to a

Facing the future with the latest innovations to be showcased at ITMA

As a leading manufacturer of warp knitting and warp preparation machines, KARL MAYER will be presenting at this year’s ITMA trade fair for the first time all the company’s business units on the same exhibition area of 1,400 m2 in hall 3, stand B 153-157. The visitors will have the opportunity to see machines which will be demonstrating all their capabilities for producing completely new textile

KARL MAYER loves the lion dance

KARL MAYER manufactures its products on the markets where it is based, so that it is always in close contact with its customers - a successful strategy that this leading producer of warp knitting and warp preparation machines has been implementing for several decades on the basis of its well-thought-out location policy. So KARL MAYER has had a subsidiary in China since 1995. The first factory

KARL MAYER provides new points of reference

KARL MAYER will be showing its latest innovations at ShanghaiTex, innovations which are setting technical and economic standards in warp knitting and warp preparation more than ever. The machines are developed within the company group and are manufactured at KARL MAYER’s production locations worldwide, offering an exceptional price-performance ratio. Highlights on the exhibition stand W3 B01 are

Magical, seamless chic

Seamless designs are one of the success stories of the modern textile industry; they turn mere body parts into eye-catching things of beauty and conjure up something magical out of clothing – as shown by the leggings on this page. The garment, which comes somewhere between

KARL MAYER at Techtextil 2011 in Frankfurt am Main, Hall 3.0 Stand B07

This well-known, global company, which is based in Obertshausen, not only builds efficient, flexible machines for producing functional textiles, it also develops new applications and markets for warp-knitted products. The end-uses currently showing the most potential are the sectors of composites for

The KARL MAYER maintenance centre for electronic assemblies

The attributes relating to warp-knitting machines are: fast, flexible and electronic, and these are the characteristics with which the high-tech products of the world-famous global player have determined market trends for a long time. Here the competition is extremely strong. The

KARL MAYER at JEC 2011, from 29 to 31 March in Paris

For the efficient production of reinforcement layer fabrics meeting highest quality standards this well-known family-run company will be showing examples of its wide-ranging products as well as information material and will be represented by a professional adviser team responsible for its

Compact sizing machines

The sizing machines produced by the KARL MAYER Group have been firm favourites on the market for many years now. They have achieved top marks for their user friendliness and process

To hand ready-to-use solutions on a silver platter

Ready-to-use products save resources and are therefore right on trend, but they have to be developed and manufactured with great attention to detail. KARL MAYER’s DJ series of machines now offers even more scope when it comes to designing lingerie and clothing products. This machine building company has developed two new processes for producing seamless briefs, which show just how it’s done. More

The new JL 40/1 F for producing functional, all-round lace lingerie

Women felt that they had to hide their practical, comfortable ‘passion killers’, whilst their more seductive, glamorous lingerie was unfortunately only worn on special occasions. As far as modern lingerie is concerned, the boundaries between the functional, usually sporty, everyday collections and the high-end, exquisite ranges are increasingly disappearing. Glamorous lingerie should be, in fact

KARL MAYER at the JEC Composites Show 2011, 29-31.03.2011, Paris

KARL MAYER Malimo produces multiaxial machines and weft-insertion tricot machines for the efficient production of high-quality reinforcing textiles, particularly from glass and carbon. Taking part in the JEC Composites is therefore a must for the Saxon KARL MAYER subsidiary. KARL MAYER Malimo will once

KARL MAYER at the Techtextil North America 2011

Techtextil North America 2011 will be held from 15 to 17 March at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre in Las Vegas, NV, USA. An accompanying symposium will again add value to the exhibition. High-calibre speakers will give papers on, amongst other things, crisis management and trends in technical textiles,

KARL MAYER is ready for action with its optimised pattern beam drives

The knitting yarns interact artistically with each other to create eye-catching, delicate pattern details and attractive grounds. The expertise and know-how of specialists are needed to efficiently produce these delicate

Little snowflake in your red cape, when will you come falling down?

Christmas is a time of secrets and promises, presents and surprises. And the purpose of the cape shown on this page is to spread joy and happiness. This short, flared coat features a rich profusion of flowers on a delicate, open tulle ground. The flowers protrude from the fabric and are surrounded by finely hatched, broad contours made from shiny

German Technology for the Brazilian Industry – Conference & Exhibition

KARL MAYER altogether satisfied with its participation in the event „German Technology for the Brazilian Industry – Conference & Exhibition“ organized by the German Plant and Machinery Association (VDMA) KARL MAYER has successfully been active on the Brazilian market for a long time now, also using national expert symposia in order to increase its local presence. One of these actions was the

Success on the imitation leather and embroidery markets

The HKS 3-M is one of the most flexible, versatile machines in KARL MAYER’s product portfolio. This efficient, high-speed tricot machine features a specific knitting motion and special knitting elements, and can produce very fine as well as very chunky knitted constructions. This tricot machine can also work a wide range of different lappings and a variety of products. The product repertoire of

Dinner for more than one

Fritz P. Mayer, the managing director of KARL MAYER, travelled to Mumbai in September to consolidate his company’s position in India and to strengthen the dialogue with its customers. He was accompanied by the head of the Warp Knitting Unit, Arno Gärtner, the sales and marketing manager for this business unit, Oliver Mathews, and the sales manager for the Warp Preparation Business Unit, Hans-Karl

KARL MAYER at the Cinte Techtextil China, 19-21.11.2010 in Shanghai

With their exhibits and information, competent employees from both companies offered customers from the technical textiles sector and visitors to Intertextile a comprehensive discussion platform. KARL MAYER Malimo utilized the Chinese exhibition to introduce itself again as the leading

Friedrich Maletschek, the head of Warp Preparation business unit retires

After 50 years of committed working life, this highly motivated textile specialist will leave the company, after having been actively involved in structuring the success of our organisation. In 1964, Friedrich Maletschek completed his vocational training at KARL MAYER. Following this, he carried out a variety of jobs in the Development, Service and Sales sections. Right from the very beginning,

KARL MAYER’s powerful support for Indian weaving and warp knitting mills

KARL MAYER India Pvt. Ltd. has been operating since the beginning of 2009 to support KARL MAYER’s customers in India. This service organisation, set up recently by KARL MAYER, is intended to integrate the service teams of newly acquired Benninger, Sucker and Griffin into the company’s own operations, and

The production machines supplied by KARL MAYER Textile Machinery Ltd. may be second-hand, but there is still plenty of life left in them. This second-hand machinery dealer is based in Shepshed, is part of the KARL MAYER group of companies, and is responsible for selling the group’s all range of

KARL MAYER (H.K.) Ltd. – playing away from home but with a home advantage!

As the market continues to grow in Asia, manufacturers are also stepping up their operations there. International companies are intensifying their supply relationships with Asian companies and setting up subsidiaries in the booming conurbations of this huge continent, or else they are concentrating on

From roof liner to steering-wheel covering – perfectly attuned to warp knitted fabrics

On 10. June, after three exhibition days, the mtex ended with a complete success for KARL MAYER. This leading manufacturer of warp knitting machines and warp preparation units took part in the

KARL MAYER exhibits at MEGATECH, 04.-06.03.2010 in Pakistan!

and brought together the products of more than 400 exhibitors from 20 countries. Among the exhibitors was KARL MAYER, a leading manufacturer of warp knitting and warp preparation machines. The innovative company was showing a range of its warp knitting equipment on the stand occupied by Nazer & Co. The stand of KARL MAYER’s commercial partner in the Middle East covered an area of 300 m2, which

Optimum pattern yarn feed – even at high speed

KARL MAYER’s lace raschel machines offer a unique level of performance, which is the result of constant optimisation – right down to the very last detail. One of the most recent improvements relates to the yarn feed. The knitting process must be able to handle different levels of yarn

KARL MAYER exhibits at the BANDUNG INTER TEX, 22.-25.04.2010 in Indonesia!

With its modern, international feel, the exhibition had been upgraded considerably. ‘BANDUNG INTER TEX not only looked better this year, we were also particularly pleased with the quality and number of visitors,’ explained Kevin Socha, the head of KARL MAYER (H.K.) Ltd. This Hong Kong-based subsidiary of KARL MAYER was responsible for the presentation of this well-known manufacturer at BANDUNG

A machine with wide appeal

KARL MAYER Malimo’s development work is continuing to focus on weft-insertion warp knitting machines. Following the improvements made to the HKS MSU S high-speed tricot machines with parallel weft insertion at the end of last year, a completely revamped

KARL MAYER exhibits at TEXTILE ASIA, 10.-13.04.2010 in Pakistan!

On of the exhibitors at the official fair of the Pakistani Textile Ministry was KARL MAYER with its partner for the region. The well-known textile machine manufacturer and Nazer & Co. were able to welcome their guests on a stand covering an area of 180 m2. A wide range of products was on

Yarn changing in the hands of robots – automatically better performance

Automatic rotary creel loading is one technical solution that can be used for automating the processing sequences when changing the bobbins on KARL MAYER’s sample warping machines (Fig. 1). This innovative system comprises a robot, which is responsible for changing the yarn bobbins and

On top form with the optimised HKS MSU S

Warp-knitted fabrics are extremely versatile as far as their designs and constructions are concerned, and they can also be engineered to have specific strength values. The reinforcing yarns are mainly responsible for producing the high load-bearing capacity. These extremely stable yarns can

Basic sports kit for manipulating the body mass index

The fitness trend continues unabated, and goes hand in hand with the attempts of textile specialists to develop new products to improve exercising and training performance. The warp knitting process is particularly suitable for manufacturing functional

Perfect solutions for weaving preparation in India

KARL MAYER’s Warp Preparation Section continues to focus on providing an excellent customer service, and has recently been reorganised to make it even more efficient. Its operations were presented during the course of a series of papers presented in India in January of this year. In the last few months, the Warp Preparation Division has taken over the weaving preparation machinery of a number of

Share and profit

Technical progress in the warp knitting sector bears all the hallmarks of KARL MAYER. With their increased performance, quality and flexibility, the machines produced by this traditional manufacturer have enjoyed considerable success for many decades all over the world. One of the most important chapters in the company’s history was the integration of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFP) bars

The KARL MAYER Academy goes ‘on tour’

For KARL MAYER, maintaining good relations with its customers means supplying customised machines, providing a full range of services, and training the machine operators – and this will now be done in its customers’ own factories. The Academy’s training courses are not only being held at selected KARL MAYER subsidiaries, they have also been held in the factories of the company’s customers since

KARL MAYER at the Inlegmash 2010, 20-22.04.2010 in Moscow

The leading manufacturer of warp-knitting machines and warp preparation equipment will show the latest company developments at the stand FB05, in hall FORUM. The highlights of the information stand will be the new Malitronic® MULTIAXIAL for the production of textile

KARL MAYER delivers its 100,000th machine

Once again, the celebration recently held at KARL MAYER shows that strong management and a high level of innovation both pay off, especially in economically difficult times. On 19 February, the 100,000th machine left the production line of this traditional manufacturer. Appropriately decorated and accompanied by loud applause, it made its way to the dispatch hall at the company’s headquarters in

KARL MAYER at the ATME-I MEGATEX, 18.-20.05.2010 in Atlanta

Alongside many other international manufacturers, KARL MAYER answered the call among others of the North Carolina Department of Commerce to take part in the huge show ATME-I MEGATEX. This company, which is a market, technology and service leader, will show its latest innovations on stand 2301. In view of the close proximity of the show to Techtextil, the presentation will concentrate on machines

KARL MAYER at the ITMA Asia + Cinte, 22-26.06.2010 in Shanghai

As one of the highlights, this global player with its headquarters in Obertshausen will be featuring the production increases which can be achieved through the appropriate integration of carbon fibre components and the correspondingly adaptation of the machine concept. The RSE 4-1 – the first

KARL MAYER at Bandung Inter Tex, 22.-25.04.2010 in Jakarta

KARL MAYER, the leading manufacturer of warp knitting machines and warp preparation units, will be displaying his products at this year’s Bandung Inter Tex on Stand 67 in Hall D. This renowned enterprise based in Obertshausen will be exhibiting its flexible tricot machine type

DENIM sizing with KARL MAYER – perfect solutions for weaving

When Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis sold the first pairs of trousers with rivets on the pockets as tough, hard-wearing work clothing to gold miners in 1872, they could scarcely have imagined what treasure they had

High Tech meets tradition

The next roadshow “German textile technology for technical textiles India'” is planned for March 2010. It will be presented by the VDMA in association with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) and will comprise around 16 technological reports presented by

KARL MAYER’s HKS 4 F terry machine makes a comeback

The Germans are well-known for their cuckoo clocks, garden gnomes and their craftiness in getting the best places on the beach at holiday destinations all over the world. At the crack of dawn, they sneak down to the beach to stake their claim on their little

A seamless operation on the market

KARL MAYER extends its activities range in the sector of seamless fashion. The RDPJ range of machines has already proven to be extremely successful here, and this machine series has now been complemented by the narrower machines in the DJ series. The double-bar raschel machine range with

KARL MAYER MALIMO at Asia Wind Power 2009

KARL MAYER MALIMO Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH has made quite a name for itself as a first-class supplier to the wind power industry worldwide. As such, this company, which is a subsidiary of the traditional German manufacturer, KARL MAYER, will be exhibiting at the Asia Wind Power 2009 exhibition from 12 to 13 November in Shanghai. KARL MAYER MALIMO builds extremely successful machines for

The TL 71/1/36 – a filmable performance for an Oscar prizewinner

Although the roots and uses of lace fabrics are constant, their look and production technology vary widely. One company which knows about this and has consistently oriented its business activities accordingly is Spiga GmbH. This family firm produces quality lace as a commission knitter in the small Saxon town of Flöha, fulfilling the orders of well-known customers, and persistently pursues a

KARL MAYER at Techtextil India 2009, 10.10.-12.10.2009 in Mumbai

The nonwovens from KARL MAYER multiaxial machines are currently being used in particular as glass reinforcements in the wind power sector and boat construction, where the demand is high. However,

KARL MAYER’s open-width slasher dyeing unit Indig-O-matic

With an investment of about 2 million euros, the Turkish manufacturer Şirikçioğlu wants to extend his market competence for fashionable DENIM clothing, thus, being able to produce economically and ecologically both deep indigo-dyed (more than 5%) and sulphur-dyed product ranges. The newly developed „Vario Double“ application system guarantees the so-called „DEEP COLOR“ effect thanks to an