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Paint Sprayer HVLP - Batavia GmbH

The HVLP Paint Sprayer is designed for everyone, from entry-level painters, frequent decorators or DIY enthusiasts. The spray gun is easy to operate, and there is less time and effort when compared to working with a traditional roller and paint brush. Provides precise application of paint on edges and in corners leaving a smooth non grain finish. Gives a fast, professional finish with no brush marks. No pre-painting required. The high volume low pressure spraying technology allows you to spray accurately and effortlessly ensuring a professional finish. The 700 Watt motor supplies the spray gun with constant airflow which maintains a consistent flow of paint. The HVLP paint spray comes with a telescopic handle and it is on wheels which makes moving it easy. It also contains hooks for winding up the power cord.

Technical Data:

  • Power: 700 Watt
  • Spraying pressure: 0.2 - 0.3 bar
  • Delivery rate: 0 -100 g/min
  • Nozzle: 2.5 mm
  • Air hose length:3 m
  • Container volume: 0.8 liter

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