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Inductive high temperature sensors are available in many different designs beginning with M8 up to rectangular designs. The maximum ambient temperature for devices with integrated amplifier is 180°C....
Inductive proximity switches are contact-free sensors. They detect all conductive metals, regardless of whether they move or not. The achievable sensing range of the devices depends on the object mate...
Ultrasonic sensors are non-contact and wear-free position switches which can also be used under rough environmental conditions. A key advantage of these devices lies in the fact that the material and...
Machine Lights
ipf cable sockets are used primarily for establishing the electrical connection of sensors. Their features are characterized by rugged design, the highest protection classes (IP67 | IP68 | IP69K) and,...
Time Relays
Fiber optics in combination with the appropriate fiber optic amplifier function as contactless and wear-free position switches that can also be used in harsh environmental conditions. They detect obje...
The color sensors of series OF32 are especially trimmed with regard to true-color detection and a high switching frequency. The devices can be operated with integrated or external light source in both...
Under the category “laser sensors” ipf offers you the following portfolio: through-beam sensors, retro-reflective sensors, diffuse reflection sensors, fork light barriers, contrast readers and distanc...


The monitoring of colors is becoming ever more important in industry. But what is color anyway?
Free software wizard for color sensors
If complex testing tasks have to be carried out in applications with a given working distance on a l...
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Your success is something we take personally! In the field of sensors, we offer a huge range of products, the outstanding expertise of our first class, qualified staff and the recognized knowledge of a specialist when it comes to solutions for industrial problems. After all, it all comes down to service.

As a family-run company, we place a great emphasis on satisfied staff, well looked after customers and a high level of product quality. ipf electronic also has a ‘sensor’ for your success!

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