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Origami paper is wonderful for crafting, traditional paper folding, or even for developing fine motor skills. The art of folding paper was originally developed by monks and has been practiced since...

We offer 9 non-bleeding and fading designs that are in accordance with EN 646. Individual designs are available in different paper grades. In SB-polybag with hole punch.

Aquarola is our brand name for non-bleeding, dip-dyed tissue. It comes in 13 colors and is in accordance with EN 646. The weight is approximately 22gsm and is available different paper grades..

Plain colored and printed assortments, displayer box available.

Ideal for crafting, decorating and packaging. Both sides in the same colour, available as sheets or rolls, single colours or different assorted colours in different sizes.
Alu double-sided for crafting made of aluminum. Available as sheets and rolls, single colours (or different colours on each side) and different assorted packs.
The most easy, cool, extra flat colourful filler for your packaging. For hanging up as decoration or place in basket, box or bag. Jumbo ø 16 cms tissue paper Swirls in different combinations of colou...
A unique and innovative filling for your packaging. A box One master carton contains 3 inner cartons. Spiro‑Pack™ is available in three base colours (black, kraft, white) and individually printable (c...
The transparent paper is ideal for crafting and creating window decoration or laterns. Grammage abt. 40gsm, available in sheets or rolls, single colours and different assorted packs available.
Beautiful premium quality tissue papers for packaging and decorating. The SatinWrap™ program offers a big variety of fashion colours, standard colours or designer prints and is available as unique spe...
Very beautiful tissue papers, colourfast, available in a variety of fashion colours and special papers such as Metallic, Pearlesence®, und Gemstones™.
Very beautiful tissue papers, colourfast, available in a variety of fashion colours and special papers such as Metallic, Pearlesence®, und Gemstones™. Retail pack with header available.


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About Seaman Paper Europe GmbH

Seaman Paper Europe GmbH is a German manufacturer of high quality crepe papers for the hobby, medical or industrial sector as well as tissue and packing papers.

Intensive solid colours, upon request flame resistant, bleeding or non-bleeding. The "Werola" product program offers a big variety of qualities ensuring its top position in the fields decorating, crafting and packaging. The products are produced environmentally friendly.

Quality and flexibility are the key to success for Seaman Paper Europe: Intensive colours and promotional presentation as well as individual sales units according to the preferences and needs of our customers.

Thanks to our own creative department, custom's designs can be realized promptly and flexibly, supporting our customers in design related questions.

Our team combines long experience with good intuition for innovations and technical know-how to deliver innovative customized solutions in the fields production, design and packaging.