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CNC Controls (RWT CNC)
Knurling Tools
Knurling Tools
These are manufactured to a very high degree of precision. The toothing is finely milled. On request, we also supply the tools with lapped teeth for a longer life-time and a higher quality appearance...
  • for serrations and splines (e.g. DIN 5481, ASA, ANSI)
  • for helical gearings
  • for special gearings (e.g. according to standards of all automobile manufacturers)
  • fo...
  • Roll frame with tie rod construction - Maximum rigidity of the roll frame
  • Bearing of the rolling spindle with cageless cylinder roller bearings - Maximum load capacity in the small...
Special model for compression rolling of pistons on steering rods incl. roll force monitoring and workpiece recognition. Complex processing tasks can be carried out with this new type of machine desig...
To adapt to the increasing demands of technology and to make our machines easier to use, we have developed a new control concept for our machines in collaboration with Beckhoff. This system has the fo...
This compact thread rolling machine makes particularly effective, flexible automation solutions possible. Thanks to the convenient workpiece feeder, this unit can be used in a conventional horizontal...
Ideal for automatic workpiece feed as there is no eccentricity. Increased life-time of tools compared to conventional machines. Hydraulics and coolant units as modular component assemblies that are ea...
We supply tools with know-how, based on our many years of experience in the application technology of thread rolling and in the construction of thread rolling and profile rolling machines. We supply o...
RWT thread and profile rolling machines differ from conventional machines because of their advanced design, developed over many years of experience in the field of thread profile rolling. The construc...


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About Rollwalztechnik Abele + Höltich GmbH

Rollwalztechnik Abele + Höltich GmbH in Engen has been designing and manufacturing machines for thread rolling since 1982. A practical knowledge of over 500 machines that were realized and collaboration with our customers has led today to a range of machines and tools that meets any requirements as far as rolling technology is concerned. Through the combination of the latest aids and personal experience, we are constantly looking for and finding new development and construction solutions to continue to maximize the quality and resilience of machines and workpieces.