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The GM Series is a cage with contact elements running on a metric sized freewheel race.

The smaller dimensions and the high transmission torque offer some interesting technical and cost-...


Permanent Magnet couplings have two opposite discs equipped with powerful rare earth magnets. The torque applied to one disc is transferred over an air gap or through a wall out of...

Helix couplings can be used universally for backlash-free transmission of rotary movements. Optimum compensation of angular misalignment, vibration damping, high torsional stiffness, low restoring...

The cross-slotted coupling is a very inexpensive shaft coupling manufactured using injection technology. Backlash-free, angularly aligned transmission of rotary movements, medium torsional stiffnes...

Conception and properties

Our Series of stepper motors with Closed Loop and integrated electronicsrepresents a major step forward.

The motor, encoder, driver, controller and indexer...

Friction couplings protect motors, gearboxes or downstream machinery against overloads.

The torque of the friction couplings can be adjusted as needed. Friction couplings with a chain conne...

Lifting Columns

Special Solutions for Lifting- and Positioning

  • High speed screw jacks
  • Gear rack drives
  • Sea water resistant (golden) TSE screw jacks
  • Telescopic screw

Ball Guide System
Properties and function

Ball guide systems combine high torque absorption and stiffness from slide systems with the smooth movement and precision of roller guides....

Our shock absorbers are designed to generate a linear delay in order to eliminate vibrations, noise and damage to machinery or products. They can brake moving parts quietly and smoothly or reverse the...
Gear racks and round gear racks are straight geared with a pressure angle of 20 degrees. Special lengths available on request.

  • brass
  • plastic...
The helical gear couplings enable a positive connection between two shafts. The connection is self-centering and can be disconnect or connected at any time when stopped. However, only a minimal compen...


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About Technische Antriebselemente GmbH

For many years now, our clients have associated our brand names with a reliable partner and supplier of the linear and drive technology industry.

Our engineers make their expertise and vital know-how available to you, especially when it comes to complicated plant. Should you have any special requirements, we will manufacture these products according to your design. Our expert advisers will inform you which products can be best combined with each other.

In addition, we also have a large warehouse full of standard parts located in Hamburg at your disposal. The products there are available for immediate delivery. The easiest way to get information about our products’ prices is to just mention the model or order number when contacting us.

Our team will be happy to help you with any queries or requests at any time.