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Within the range of compressed air hoses we offer hose lines for several applications like compressor hoses, polyurethane hoses, air-brake hoses, polyamide hoses and polyethylene hoses.
Hydraulic filters avoid the contamination of hydraulic oil and support thus the readiness of application and life span from pumps and valves, as well as the total pipe system in vehicle hydraulics. De...
Vacuum hoses are universally applicable as sucking and/or pressure hoses in industry, the construction industry and agriculture. Special intakes are used as connection fittings.

hose con...
Pipe clamps light range according to DIN 3015
It’s construction enables a rationeal and clear fastening of pipelines and hoses. They are available as single pipe- and double pipe clamps. E...
Quick release – Plug unions TEMA
TEMA couplings are self-sealing two-way branch unions for high pressure systems where quick removable connections are needed. The coupling is completely ru...
Fast closing plug couplings ISO 7241-1A PUSH/PULL
With shut-off devices at both ends, plug unions are locked by means of the union halves with a ball bearing. The unions are provided with...
Machines, tools, facilities
For manufacturing high quality hose lines good machines are necessary. They have to be according to the operators necessities. Our assortment contains beside di...
Fast closing plug couplings brass ISO 7241-1B PUSH
ISO 7241-1B PUSH brass couplings are made for special requirements like outdoor installations or the use of hydrous liquids. Design and i...
Quick connectors are a screw-in system for pneumatic controls in vehicles and industrial facilities. Safety and durability are warranted by nickel plating. We offer quick connectors in several dimensi...
Manometer unions are used for connecting a manometer withi the piping. The unions are available in varying kinds and connection forms (light and heavy dtuy, with pipe connection, screw-in thread, flan...
Brake tubes and brake tube fittings are needed to manufacture connections in hydraulic braking systems. We offer brake tube in dimensions of 4,75 mm and 6 mm and fittings with flared tube ends form E...
Hydraulic hoses and ferrules
Hydraulic hoses based on rubber have one or several pressure carriers made from steel wire braiding and/or steel wire spirals or textile braiding. They are sui...


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About Schmitter Hydraulik GmbH

The technical trading group, Schmitter Hydraulik GmbH, located in southern Germany has a long tradition. It was founded in 1947 as an agent for automotive spare parts. Today, it is an important trading partner with over 60 employees in administration and field work.

We offer
  • Consulting
  • Hydraulic connection technology
  • Plants for the vehicle and mobile hydraulics
  • Components for applications of low pressure and compressed air brakes
Our customers
Through quality and reliability we are a valued partner in a multiplicity of industries and regions. Besides small and middle-sized OEMs, our customers are specialized equipment and workshop companies all over Europe, as well as in the Middle East and Africa.

Our area of activity
Years of experience are frequently not sufficient to be a competent and reliable partner. Through technical progress and an increasing complexity of applications and problems we, as well as our customers, are constantly faced with new challenges. Therefore, continuous learning, innovative thinking and a close co-operation with our customers are a matter of course for us.