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Shenzhen Kanafu Technology Co., LTD

Shenzhen Kanafu Technology Co., LTD

About Shenzhen Kanafu Technology Co., LTD

Shenzhen Wanyi Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Guangming District of Shenzhen, a high-tech city with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. Guangming City high-speed railway station is close at hand. Wanyi Technology was established in 2011, based on the promulgation of the first domestic Indoor Air Quality Law. Shenzhen Wanyi Technology Co., LTD., integrating research and development, sales, after-sales and technical consulting, has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, products through CMA and CE, ERP, metrology certification; And drafted the "negative ion detector" enterprise standard. In 2019, we obtained the High-tech Enterprise Certificate.
Through years of accumulation of technology and service experience, Wanyi technology's two major brands "ONETEST" and "CESTSEN" products have been in the negative oxygen ion monitoring, radiation detector and air quality detector, water quality monitoring system, gas detector field has been recognized by the majority of customers and friends.

The company's core products :

KNF-1000 series water quality sensor

KNF-400 series water quality monitoring system,

KNF-800 three series of biological toxicity warning system,

50 kinds of water quality monitoring products, widely used in the factory water pipe network water supply, surface water, river length system, sewage discharge and other fields, and has been praised by many users

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KNF-200 is a aquaculture multi-parameter water quality detector, a number of testing items to let...