Cangzhou Oubeiruike Instrument And Equipment Co., Ltd.

Cangzhou Oubeiruike Instrument And Equipment Co., Ltd.

Cangzhou Oubeiruike Instrument And Equipment Co., Ltd.

About Cangzhou Oubeiruike Instrument And Equipment Co., Ltd.

Cangzhou Oubeiruike Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd. main produce civil testing equipments for material testing such as concrete,soil, steel, cement and mortar, aggregates and rocks,asphalt and bitumen and also distributed others general laboratory testing equipments. We are actively involved in China universities, polytechnics and road development authority’s projects.The challenges to turn the findings and research ideas of these customers into real function-able equipments enable us to accumulate our deep technical know-how in civil engineering equipments fabrication.

In the international markets, Our research and development team consistently research and further developed our products towards high accuracy,sustainability,user friendly, easy for maintenance and economical. Our products also comply to most of international standard such as BS,EN,ASTM and others.

Our perform top level of life long technical support and excellent after sales service to our customers. Our quick respond to our customer’s request was successfully winning the customers loyalty and reputation in the market.

The development of state of the art in products planning and control ensure every products at highest quality and tip top customers satisfaction is our key of keep going produced the better and better products over time.

Commitment with uncompromised quality mindset allow us to deliver our equipments with sustainable precision,consistent accuracy and reliable year after year.

Our product climate Chambers has been certified by CE. We also can provide every customer OEM request.

Any details about us or our products, pls freely contact with us at any times.

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Automatic Proctor CBR Soil Compactor

Solid and compact design allow uniform and correct compaction of Proctor and CBR sample.

Technical Specifications:

Hammer weight  2.5KG (300 mm / 12") and 4.5KG&nbsp...

Los Angeles Abrasion Machine (MH-II)

STANDARD: EN 1097-2, ALSO CONFORMING TO NF P18-573, UNE 83 114,  UNI 8520-19, CNR NO. 34,  ASTM C131

Los angeles abration machine consists of a rolled steel drum that its wall...

Manual Cement Vicat Apparatus (vicat tester)

The vicat frame consists essentially of a metal stand with a sliding rod. An adjustable indicator moves over a graduated scale. The needle or plunger is attached to the bottom end of the rod to mak...

Manual Cement Flow Table Apparatus (Flow Table )

Manual Cement Flow Table Apparatus (Flow Table )

Concrete Anchor Pull out Tester (HC-V10)

Concrete Anchor Pull out Tester (HC-V10)

Concrete Rebound Hammer (HT-225B)

It applicable to detect strength of high-rise building components,  Bridges and concrete member (plate, beam, column, bridge). Usually suit to concrete from C50 to C100. According to the stand...

Stainless Steel Test Sieves (dia200mm or dia 300mm)

Stainless Steel Test Sieves (dia200mm or dia 300mm)

High Frequency Electric Sieves Shakers (OBRK-ZS)

Adjustable vibration intensity, reliable and long lasting, simple sturdy construction, can hold up to 9PCS diameter 300mm sieves. 

Sieves need extra order.

Technical Para...

ECO Marshal Stability Test Apparatus (LWD-5)

Mini printer can order Separately.

Standard: ASTM D1559, D5581, AASTHO T245

  • Max. Capacity: 50KN
  • Test Rate: 50.80mm / min
  • Cross Head Travel: 70mm

Advance Digital Asphalt Penetrometer (APA-0A)

It  is suitable to make needle penetration determination for highway asphalt,  modified asphalt, as well as residue of liquid petroleum asphalt or emulsified  asphalt after evaporati...

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