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Overseas forwarding - sea container operations - ocean freight services

For sea freight + air freight + container logistics worldwide.

Longtime forwarding expertise in handling global shipments for manufacturing and trading industry.

Supply chain management.

Coordination and integration of sea freight, air fr...

Customers appreciate the advantage of having all the above-mentioned partial services for shipping their goods from a single source. The organizational framework is formed by consulting by Emans, r...

For perishable, sensitive an urgent cargo, i.e. spare parts or pharmaceuticals.

With our office close to Frankfurt International Airport, Germany, we are in touch with all direct flights...

Transport and logistics by sea containers

LCL services (less container load) port/port, door/port, door/door.

FCL services (full container Load) door/port, door/...
Container transport

Solutions in Exporting and Importing cargo by sea, air and road traffic.

Consulting in custom’s issues and providing of necessary shipping documents.

A stronghold of our business is Africa, forwarding shipments and trade assisting to

North Africa (i.e.Algeria, Libya and Tunisia)

West Africa (i.e. Senegal, Cameroun and Namib...

Ocean freight Ocean freight services - with a system. Emans has been specialising in sea freight and ocean freight services for more than 30 years.
The transport of non-containerisable goods...

Emans GmbH provides its customers with the fastest connection to national and international suppliers or buyers of urgently needed goods by air.

Emans Overseas Transport Branch organizes express air freight transports for such urgent goods and products that require special protection, e.g. medicines and sensitive spare parts for machines an...

LCL shipment - your goods are grouped together as part loads in a consolidated container.


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About Überseetransportkontor EMANS GmbH

Emans GmbH was founded in May 1981.

Since 1987 managed by its owner Franz Emans.

Emans GmbH has been focusing on sea freight business, as well as air freight and European overland cargo traffic.

Emans GmbH is dedicating its efforts on professional coaching of intercontinental shipping project.

Emans GmbH’s motivation:  Satisfied clients by perfect forwarding services.