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Metal Flexible Hose Systems Bestdo coolant hoses are characterized by less leakage and better resistance to hot chips and sparks. The metal hoses are easy to position and do not change their positi...

BESTDO - Metal cooling system. Provides optimal coolant supply for machine tools and grinding machines - equipment is applicable in 3. Coolant hose variants.

  • Flexible hoses - coolant hoses for efficient use on machines, production lines
  • Coolant hoses for lathes - pinpoint accuracy Cooling and lubricating fluids when turning, drilling and grinding
  • Bestdo coolant hoses are suitable for lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and air cooling systems
  • The cooling jet can be precisely adjusted with this coolant hose system and milling machines, grinding machines, air cooling systems coolant hoses for bottling plants
  • The Bestdo flexible hose set is a flexible flexible hose system • with basic set and numerous accessories for the construction of an individual cooling system on multi-spindle drilling...
  • Perfect handling of bestdo coolant hoses - High flexibility Pressure resistance, easy installation, diffusion resistance
  • Optimum handling of the bestdo coolant hoses - the flexible hose system is flexible, can be expanded as desired, stainless, pressure-resistant - suitable for all production systems and machi...

High pressure nozzle for optimal use
50 bar high pressure - no problem.
In addition, extremely stable, directly in the
Working space can be used.

Bestdo coolant hoses are metal coolant hoses or metal coolant hoses
the 1/4 "and 1/2" hoses are fully compatible with the systems, individual cooling on multi-spindle drilling and milling mach...

In the special segment of metal hoses, Bestdo products represent optimum quality and reliability. Coolant Hoses - Metal hoses from Bestdo are today one of the central elements of many innovative te...


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Cooling brought to a point 

The problem with plastic hoses:

  • Elevated coolant pressures cannot be achieved
  • The position can be adjusted by vibration and chips
  • The cooling is not reliable and targeted

The problem with curved copper or steel pipes:

  • Long rust/setup/bending times
  • No nozzle technology
  • Cannot be reproduced

The solution:
BESTDO cooling supply system made of metal