Nierhaus GmbH Marke Wohltat Knieschoner

Nierhaus GmbH Marke Wohltat Knieschoner

  • DIN Norm 23311
  • DIN EN 14404

Nierhaus GmbH Marke Wohltat Knieschoner

  • DIN Norm 23311
  • DIN EN 14404

About Nierhaus GmbH Marke Wohltat Knieschoner

Welcome to Nierhaus
Our traditional business was founded in 1932 in the Ruhrgebiet in Germany and was one of the first companies to develop and manufacture knee-protectors.
As a responsible distributor of professional knee-protection in mining applications, we helped to develop the Mining Standard DIN 23311 in cooperation with the Standard Committee Mining in 1953. Accordingly, optimal protection for the user as well the high quality standard for knee-protectors were set in stone for us.
Naturally the requirements of the new European standard DIN EN 14404 from the year 2005 have been accounted for, while preserving the old quality standards.
With the registered trademark WohltatTM, our products still stand for high quality and robust knee-protectors for a spectrum of different users, which has grown wider over the decades. They provide effective and durable protection for the knees in all types of kneeling work.
What began with the production of knee-protectors for mining applications, today represents a business which develops and produces knee-protectors for protection and safety in all manual labour.

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Protect yourself now with our Nierhaus mouth-nose mask from Corona. The mask is made in Europe from 100% cotton. Two-ply sewn, washable and becomes sterile by ironing.

CE certified EN 1...

knee pad for working trousers (Fento 100)

The Fento 100 knee cushion for work trousers is a strapless knee pad. Therefore, this knee pad knee cushion fits into any standard work trousers with knee pockets. Relieve your knees with a knee pa...

Knee protective coverings (Gelmaster, Art.-Nr. 68)

Gelmaster knee pads. Kneeling as soft as butter even in small effective knee pads! This new development is characterized by flexible, air-cushioned and durable honeycombs, which provide high shock...

Knee rollers

ideal for all work close to the ground!

also ideal as a supplement for mobile work with knee pads
noticeably relieves the calves
sturdy construction wit...

Knee Protector

To keep your new knee pads really long, they should also be adapted to their future use. We offer knee pads made of different materials, which are specially tailored to the respective professions....

Knee protective coverings

Why kneepads? Safety for all occupation
Permanent pressure on the kees appears in a lot of professions. Roofers, tilers, gardeners, interior decorators, carpenters amd especia...

Knee Cushions

Soft knee cushion, slightly anatomically formed with convenient carry handle. Reverse side usable as a seat cushion. Made of durable polyurethane foam it stays inherently stable!

Knee Cushions (Ergopad)

Original Nierhaus Anatomic Ergopad, 250 x 420 x 50 mm, red. Knee recesses designed for the special features of the left and right knee, made of special tough elastic foam with high density, the per...

Knee pads for flooring

This „allrounder“ is made of waterresistant neoprene. The soft and ergonomical shaped inside padding is made of high quality polyurethane made in Germany.
It guaranties a long last...

Knee pads

Lightweight and super-soft cushion, made of a permanently elastic material, for insertion into work trousers. Distribution pressure is tested in accordance with standard DIN EN 14404 and is eligibl...

Back Support Belts

An absolute must for all occupations where back-straining work is carried out. Not only does the belt protect against injuries to the back, but it also keeps the back warm. The elastic nylon fabric...


ELBO light
This elbow protector is particularly light and soft. The Velcro fastening system allows it to be quickly and easily put onto the elbow.

ELBO in rubb...

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