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Absolute mobility is a natural demand of our time. Especially it is valid for the passengers using public means of transport. One of the conditions for this mobility is the save and barrier-free board...
Trains are usually developed for an operating time of 30 years. Unlike in the past in which these vehicles largely met without changes to their life cycle, today there is a need for continuous “optimi...
  • adjustable charging characteristic according to battery manufacturer specifications e. g. temperature- compensated
  • Battery temperature monitoring and detection of sensor failures
PINTSCH BAMAG offers modular quick-charging systems for electric buses, which are particularly adapted to the needs of public transport.
Light technology for locomotives and traction units PINTSCH BAMAG light systems are used worldwide in a variety of vehicles on the road: whether for locomotives, high speed trains, subway or regional...
PINTSCH BAMAG stands for quality and innovation. Our power supply systems and their components have fulfilled the complex requirements of international railways for decades now. The consistent utiliza...
Strikingly audible and visible - as a provider of acoustic and visual warning systems.
Our signalling technology stands for safety. All over the world, level crossings are the trouble spots in rail transport. It requires the highest level of reliability and easy of use to secure them an...
The RBÜT technology can be used for all types of applications in the area of level crossing protection. The control unit RBÜT is designed as a safe vital 2-of-3 computer system. The chosen architectur...
Strikingly audible and visible - as a provider of acoustic and visual warning systems.
Strikingly audible and visible - as a provider of acoustic and visual warning systems.
Conductor push buttons, electronic and electromechanical push buttons for activation of doors as well as infrared sensors for automatic opening of doors and devices for counting of passengers are just...


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About PINTSCH BAMAG Antriebs- und Verkehrstechnik GmbH

As manufacturers of safety-related products for stationary traffic engineering, we focus on the areas of railway signalling technology, vehicle equipment, platform screen doors and warning technology. Our many years of experience with high safety standards ensure manufacture and delivery of high-end and secure systems and services for rail traffic and industry. Always in focus: human safety.