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Experience meets innovation
When being processed, wood requires sensitivity, creativity and professionalism. This multi-sided approach has inspired us since our company was founded in 1970. And one thing hasn’t changed at all in the second generation: Our enthusiasm for, and love of, wood as natural material.

Our workforce of about 25 employees produces furniture parts in the segments of solid wood and veneer for our customers in the furniture, shopfitting and ship-building industries as well as in the upmarket interior fitting sector both at home and abroad. In these fields, we consider ourselves as system supplier that manufactures both complicated – especially three-dimensional – and simple wood elements.

Our semi-finished products become an integral part of a harmonious whole in and on cupboards, chairs, tables, beds or customized products. Give free rein to your ideas and send us a drawing of your article. We shall then do the rest and complete the job.

Quality, reliability and adherence to schedules are our prime concern and enjoy top priority. Deliveries at short notice and the flexible execution of orders are standard.

5-axis CNC Milling Parts of Wood

5-axis CNC milling parts of wood for customers in the furniture industry and shop fitters.

Special Components of Wood

Special components for store constructeurs, fitters of hotels and objekts

Furniture parts

Furniture parts for customers in the furniture industry. Different kinds of wood, processing and finishing depend on customer’s request f.e. frame doors, battens, bedposts, handle bars…

Round Parts for Headboards

Round parts for headboards of solid wood or veneer depending on customer’s request.

Furniture Fronts

Round front elements of solid wood f.e. bent parts, panel doors, round front parts for drawers


Bedposts of solid wood. Different kinds of wood, processing and finishing depending on customers request.

Table Legs and Parts for Tables

Table-legs and parts for tables of solid wood or veneer depending on the design of the customer