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The floor, ceiling and wall attachments provide multiple mounting options for displays, control systems, signs, picture frames, shelves and lamp suspensions. They are ideal for shop or trade show f...

CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE offers various system solutions to simplify purchasing and installation. Our X-TEND2 and X-TEND3 systems unite the high value of X-TEND stainless steel mesh with the well-kn...

From shop fittings through interior design to window decoration, a demand exists for transparent solutions combining functionality with lightness and elegance. The POSILOCK system offers an extensi...

This standardised fastening system allows a point or linear fastening and tensioning of load bearing structures. The connection elements and the acting forces adjust automatically in the direction...

I-SYS is a system with endless possibilities. It is comprised of individual parts, cable assemblies and custom-made solutions. I-SYS is our invitation to you to join us in a cooperative partnership...

X-LED sets the stage for grand illuminations and high-impact messages. Moving images, impressive lighting designs and the brilliance of 16.5 million colours captivate the eye. With its individually...

Stainless steel cables are turned into universal elements by means of useful connectors, fittings and guides. They have to be strong in order to take up the forces which occur and at the same time the...

Long lengths of splendid cable can be seen in bridges and on stairways. They provide safety, divide different areas of use from one another or mark structures in public spaces. Generous forms requi...

Slim and elegant, but strong and long lived: these are the requirements placed on connections between cable and building. Intelligent design is absolutely essential. The I-SYS range impresses with...

As a counterpart to the forks, eyes complete the pair as regards detailed design and long lifetime. Offering a strong connection, yet also flexibly jointed, this type of coupling even goes around c...

End stops ensure secure fixing. Along with preformed parts they offer secure connections for sloping cable runs. Balls and sockets are also among the exceptional products offered in the I-SYS range...

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About Carl Stahl ARC GmbH

Carl Stahl is a leading worldwide manufacturer of cable and lifting equipment. What started out in 1880 as a small rope maker that specialised in agricultural products, serving only local customers, has now become a global enterprise with over 1000 employees operating from more than 50 subsidiaries around the world. Classical applications for cables in mechanical engineering, ship building and the construction industry are today being complemented by new high-tech sectors from medical technology through to automotive industry.