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Libero PDF data logger - Data evaluation without any software. LIBERO is the world's first PDF Data Logger being able to produce an evaluation report without any software at destination. LIBERO PDF Lo...
The Freeze-tag® monitors reliably and precisely the ambient temperature of frost sensitive products such as: Vaccines Pharmaceuticals Paintings / Adhesives Chemicals Perishable Food etc. The Freeze-ta...
Q-tag ® CLm – Monitoring of the entire cold chain. Wins one over as a reliable companion for one’s valuable temperature-sensitive products. Lifetime of up to 5 years – including the often-mentioned “l...
The Q-tag® CLm doc is a reliable support for your valuable temperature-sensitive products. Once the Q-tag® CLm doc has been connected to a PC or Mac via USB, it creates a PDF and a ASCII file with all...
The Fridge-tag® monitors, reliably and uninterrupted, the ambient temperature inside refrigerators and cold rooms used in: Hospitals / Laboratories, Surgeries / Pharmacies, Food Industry, Pharmaceutic...
The Q-tag® Quad – a simple solution to monitor your valuable temperature-sensitive products. Long service life for perfect “last mile” use. Individual alarms programmed to specifications, Immediate an...
The Q-tag® 2 plus reliably and precisely monitors all kind of transportation of temperature sensitive products such as: Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals / Medicines, Blood and blood products, Perishable Food...


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Today the name Berlinger stands for innovative technology and retail products and for internationally standardised doping control systems. And above all else for openness, quality and fairness. We, the sixth generation of Berlingers to head the company, are proud to be able to carry the values and traditions of our family business into the future. Because progress needs ideas. And it may need you, too. We look forward to being challenged by you. Andrea Berlinger Schwyter, Daniel Schwyter-Berlinger