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HSS-Co Twist Drills in a large number of sizes.
HSS-Co M35 quality. Suitable for every drill chuck. 25 drills, sizes ø1 - 13 mm, increasing by 0,5 mm increments.
- Voltage: 220-240V/50HZ
- RPM: 2600 (min-1)
- Motor power: 1700 Watt
- Angle Adjustment: 0 - 45 º
- Bore Size: Ø20 mm & 25,4 mm
- max. Saw depth: 90 º- 8...
Specifications: - Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
- RPM: 2700 (min-1) Idle
- Motor power: 1800 Watt
- Angle Adjustment: 0 - 45 º
- Bore Size: Ø25,4 mm
- max. Saw depth: 90 º- 82,5 mm...
Available sizes: M3 up tot M30. Available in DIN371 and DIN376.
Available sizes: M3 up tot M30. Available in DIN371 and DIN376.
Tapping kit HSS-Co M35 quality
This tapping kit includes:
- Taps M3 up to M30 - DIN371 and DIN 376
- Tap holder M8 up to M30
- Capacity: 2200 Watt
- Voltage: 220V/50hz
- Weight: 24 kg
- RPM: 300 (min-1) Idle
- Saw Blade: 14” (355 mm)
- Angle Adjustment: 0 - 45 º
Range at 45º...
High performance motor with enough power for masonry cutting and high heat resistance. The Euroboor AGR.840 single speed 125 mm angle grinder is fitted with a powerful 840 W motor and is designed to b...
The Euroboor AGR.1400 125 mm single speed variable 1400 W anti dust motor angle grinder is fitted with a soft start feature to cope with the initial surge from such a powerful motor. Easy-to-operate p...
HSS quality with TiN (Titanium Nitride) coating. Spiral flute for easy chip removal.
- Ø 6 - 30 mm
- Ø 4 - 20 mm
- Ø 4 - 12 mm
Ejector Pins (IBC.70)


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About Euroboor BV

Euroboor, a family business specialised in Industrial Portable Tools, was founded in 1977 as a sole proprietorship. Today the company is proud of its 110 employees and is actively involved in 58 countries. At the Euroboor Company we are constantly upgrading our technology to provide our customers with leading edge products that perform. Not only do we provide our customers with top quality machining and tooling, we know that to keep them coming back to the Euroboor Company we must provide superior customer care and top quality performance. Through our 35 years of experience, we have recognized that providing superior service does not end with a quality product - it takes products, service, and performance. We pride ourselves on being a valueadded operation, offering you service from beginning to end and everywhere in between.