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Leverage bolt cutter
Leverage bolt cutter
Leverage bolt cutter
Ratchet single handed bolt cutter
Leverage bolt cutter
  • Order no. 80-355
  • Capacity:
    Ø 9 mm / 19 HRC
    Ø 8 mm / 40 HRC
    Ø 7 mm / 48 HRC
  • Length: 960 mm Weight: 4,6 kg
  • Replacea...
Hydraulic punching tool
Hydraulic double-sided punching tool for a rail
Hydraulic hand pump single-acting
  • Order no.: 50-182 for hose connection
  • Length: 270 mm Weight: 1,6 kg
  • Pressure fixed to 450 bar
  • Output: approx. 0...
Hydraulic single-acting motor pump alternating current
Hydraulic single-acting motor pump three phase current
Small single handed cable cutter
Small single handed cable cutter


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About Baudat GmbH & Co. KG

Founded in 1966, BAUDAT GmbH & Co. KG has stood for the production of sophisticated tools for more than 44 years. According to our company motto “Quality in your hand!” our 65 employees produce high quality tools at our long- established location in the south of Germany. In 1970 we started with the production of cable cutters, and around 15 years later we developed wire rope cutters. Our range includes single handed cable and wire rope cutters with ratchet mechanisms and pivoting or open jaws. For two handed use we offer our leverage cutters. We also have heavy duty cutters incorporating a combination of ratchet and leverage mechanisms. For larger diameters we offer hydraulic cable and wire rope cutters. We produce furthermore sophisticated bolt cutter which are used in the prestressed concrete industry.