Janitza electronics GmbH

Janitza electronics GmbH

  • DIN EN ISO 9001

Janitza electronics GmbH

  • DIN EN ISO 9001

About Janitza electronics GmbH

Measurement technology under the microscope: Complete solutions for EnMS and PQMS

Your secure, sustainable and efficient handling of electrical energy is our top priority.

This is why we supply our energy measurement technology, class A power quality monitoring devices, GridVis® system software, energy data manage- ment systems, digital integrated measurement equipment, power factor power factor controllers, harmonics filters and correction systems throughout the world.

Our customers appreciate our complete system solutions for up-to-date energy data management (e.g ISO 50001) and power quality solutions. Thanks to the scalability of our products and solutions you can also introduce our energy data management system step-by-step.

We will support you from the development of the conceptual solution through to commissioning. We will also help you with the maintenance and support - and training your personnel for the secure operation of the energy systems.

With Janitza measurement technology you have everything from the same source -from current transformers through measurement devices, from communications devices through the IT environment and on to databases and analysis software.
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Data Loggers (ProData® 2)

Especially ienergy management: you need reliable figures. Without accurate measurements you cannot manage effectively.

ProData® provides you with the figures and measurements you need. Whet...

Universal Measuring Device (UMG 103)

Universal measuring devices of the UMG 103 product family are mainly designed for use in low voltage distribution systems.

Power quality

  • Harmonics analysis up to 25th...

Energy Measurement Device (UMG 104)

The UMG 104 equipped with a 500 MHz DSP (digital signal processor) is a very fast and powerful power analyser.

Large selection of tariffs

  • 4 tariffs for the active ene...

Power Meters (UMG 604)

More than just a multifunction measurement device. Multifunction measurement device, transients recorder, meter (kWh, kvarh), peak load optimisation, harmonics analyser, PLC, state monitoring, event p...

Voltage Converters (CT)

Increased reliability

  • Both halves of the housing overlap rather than butting up against one another
  • Break-proof plastic housing made from polyamide
  • Non-combu...

Cable Split Core Current Transformers

Innovative and reliable

  • Particularly well suited to digital measurement devices
  • Especially fast installation • For applications with insulated cable up to 2 x 42...

Split Core

Split core / current transformer

Main features

  • Typically for retro-fitting on bus bars
  • For bus bars:
    2 x 60 x 10 mm
    60 x 35 mm
  • For...

Energy Management Software (GridVis)

An elementary module for energy management and power quality monitoring systems
In the fi eld of energy management it is very important to be able to evaluate and process data measured for...

Energy Management Software (GridVis®-Energy)

GridVis®-Energy is a web-based solution for your energy management, for the display of your energy data. With GridVis®-Energy you gain a qualified tool, which optimally satisfies the stricter requirem...

Energy Management Software (OPC Server)

Significance of OPC

  • OPC stands for "OLE for Process Control"
  • Standardised interface in the field of automation technology
  • Benefits: Universal possibility of...

Power Capacitors

PFC power capacitors from Janitza are metallised polypropylene capacitors with self-healing and segmented film. The multi-stage safety mechanisms provide the highest levels of safety. The design is pa...

Power Factor Correction Equipment

PFC-systems without reactors are considered for use in applications with a low proportion of non-linear loads i.e. low harmonic loads. There are four different designs customised to suit your individu...

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