EBRO Armaturen Gebr. Bröer GmbH

EBRO Armaturen Gebr. Bröer GmbH

  • DIN EN ISO 9001

EBRO Armaturen Gebr. Bröer GmbH

  • DIN EN ISO 9001

About EBRO Armaturen Gebr. Bröer GmbH

Our expertise for your applications

We have been developing, producing and selling industrial valves and actuator systems for more than 40 years. Today we are acknowledged as one of the world‘s leading manufacturers within this field. Employing around 1000 people, we operate with an extensive network of production locations, branches and subsidiaries. This provides us with a solid platform from which to supply the global market with high-quality products, making us a well-established partner in the field of international plant engineering.

Outstanding quality

A quality management system which was first certified to EN ISO 9000 in 1993, conformity to PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) and qualified documentation in accordance with the Machinery Directive guarantee the highest quality. This quality, our experience and the appropriate expertise can be found in a diverse product range that offers solutions for virtually any application.

Customised components

We are able to offer customised solutions for auto-mated valves, given the fact that we produce both the valve and the actuator ourselves. A dedicated business division guarantees precise coordination of valves, actuators and automation technology. The result is an end-to-end portfolio that also fulfils all process engineering requirements in terms of energy efficiency. The coordinated package of high-quality valve and pneumatic actuator can also be precisely matched to the specific application. This matching of components reduces air and energy requirements, as well as streamlining the overall costs of such solutions.

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Pinch Valves (QV)

A pinch valve to be used in bulk loaded wastewater or  slurries.


  • Nominal diameter: DN 40 – DN 200
  • Face-to-face: EBRO works standard

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve (Z611-K)

Valve with split stainless steel body for use in the food and beverage industry. Soft seated and PTFE lined versions are available.


  • Nominal diameter...

Lug Type Butterfly Valve (HP 114)

A high-performance lug type valve suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications.


  • Nominal diameter: DN 50 – DN 1200
    larger nominal...

Gate valves (Type MV)

Stafsjö’s knife gate valve MV is used within many different fields of applications. The special shut-off technique makes it suitable for both fluids and dry media such as pulp, sludge, biomass, pow...

Pneumatic Actuator (EB-SYS / EB-SYD)

EB-SYS, Single-Acting

A single acting pneumatic actuator constructed to the "Scotch yoke" principle.


  • Torque: 35 - 1368...

Digital Electropneumatic Positioner (EP 501)

Compact positioner for assembly with rotary and linear actuators with digital display.


  • Operating voltages: 24 VDC +/- 10%
  • Setpoint...

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve (HP 111)

A high-performance wafer type valve suitable for high pressure and high temperature applications.


  • Nominal diameter: DN 50 – DN 1200
    larger nomina...

Wafer type butterfly valve (CK-M)

The metallic sealing version (CK-M) has an airspace between disc and body. This series is excellently suitable for control of airflows and aspiration services.


Swing Check Valves (Typ RSK)

A universally applicable check valve for horizontal and vertical installation.


  • Universal all-purpose
  • Can be installed in any desired position

Swing Check Valves

 Check Valve type RV with a crack device.


  • Nominal diameter:  DN 40 - DN 300
  • Face-to-face:  EN 558...

Wafer Type Butterfly Valve (T 211-A / T 211-C)

T 211-A

PTFE-lined wafer type valve for chemicals and high-corrosive media.


  • Nominal diameter: DN 50 – DN 300
  • Face-t...

Double Flanged Type Butterfly Valve (F 012-A / F 012-K1)

F 012-A

A double flanged valve suited for haevy duty services such as shipbuilding and wastewater plants.


  • Nominal diameter:...

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