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The AA Series of high-voltage regulated DC-DC converters addresses the needs of the miniature PCB-mount regulated high voltage power supply user.
This High Power line of high-voltage regulated DC to DC converters is an extension of the C Series, directly addressing the high power density needs of >30 watt applications.
High Voltage Power Solutions (HVPSI) new DCMR12 DC-DC Module is designed for demanding laboratory and OEM applications.
- Up to 700 VRMS Working Voltage
- 160 kVA Max Power
- Up to 625 ARMS Max Current
- Conduction Cooled
- Series & Parallel Stackable
- 1500 VRMS Working Voltage
- 300 kVA Max Power
- Up to 200 ARMS Max Current
- Water-Cooled
The HVA Series of DC-to-DC high-voltage power supplies operates a precision filter/divider & linear HV switch to produce a High-Voltage Amplifier (HVA).
High Voltage Power Solutions, Inc. has been supplying Digital High Voltage Meters for twenty years, and recently developed a Dielectric Strength Tester. Both high quality pieces of equipment are shown...
High Power Connectors
High Power Connectors
Pulse Power, DC Link, AC Designs, Custom Designs, 10 to 10,000 µF,500 to 60,000 Vdc, To 1.ooE+08 Pulse Life, Type Q,Z
Low Voltage Connectors


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The leading distributor for high voltage components and systems on the European market. Furthermore we set a high value to establish a close, solution oriented cooperation with our customers and international principals. We support standard and customized solutions with flexibility and innovation. Technical, commercial and logistic tasks will be handled with our utmost demand on quality. Be convinced of our "High Voltage Products. High Voltage Experts" is not only a slogan!