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Why are INKA pallets the most-sold disposable pallets? Inka is...

  • competitively priced
    No exchange fees
    No rental costs

For the INKA presswood pallets, dried wood chips are compression-moulded under pressure and heat. They can be used as a space-saving substitution for wooden pallets and they are extremely suit...

Drive width: 810 mm
Drive height: 90 mm

Dynamic load: *
Max. 250 kg

Static load:
= 3 x the d...

Worldwide exportation? ISPM15? No problem with INKA pallets!

INKA pallets:

  • do not need IPPC markings for exportation
  • do not need costly...

Since March 2013 we have strict safety rules for aircargo in the EU. Shipments should be packed in a way that later manipulation is impossible or apperent. No problem with Inka-pallets.


Drive width: 740 mm / 558 mm
Drive height:  97 mm

Dynamic load: *
F 10 - 2      max. &nbsp...

Single-trip pallets: a wide range of formats at an attractive price

Single-trip pallets have significant market relevance. Germany, the world’s leading exporter, has...

Display pallets

Drive width: 571 mm
Drive height:  95 mm

Dynamic load: *
F 64      max.   500 kg
F 64...

Our container pallets: a precise, space-saving fit
Make optimal use of the cargo compartment in the oversea container using our container pallets. Take a look at our container...

Our export pallets are regarded as "processed wood" in the sense of ISPM 15 / NIMF 15 and therefore do not fall under the regulations for solid wood (English "non manufactured wood"). The treatment...

Chemistry pallets


Temporary stricter regulations apply to sea freight exports to Australia. This is to protect the country from the introduction of the marbled stink bug. Certain goods exported by ship from high-risk countries to Australia by the end of April 2019 must therefore be pretreated. Inca pallets made of pressed wood can still be used as packaging material for Australia without any problems.
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About INKA Paletten GmbH

INKA Paletten GmbH is the largest European manufacturer of disposable pallets made in a similar way like particle board (processed wood according to ISPM15).

The first INKA pallet was made in 1971 in Siegertsbrunn just outside Munich. The registered office of the company is still located there today. In the meantime, INKA has two manufacturing locations in Europe and two in the USA.

INKA pallets are available in all standard sizes, ranging from a ¼ pallet to the CP3 format.

Distribution is carried out via an area-wide distribution network with over 160 sales outlets in Europe and numerous other countries worldwide.

INKA pallets are manufactured according to a guaranteed pest-free process. Therefore, INKAs are preeminently suitable for worldwide exportation as a universal cargo carrier. Potential quarantine regulations of various countries (such as ISPM15 / NIMF 15) need not be taken into consideration when using INKA pallets.