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The Parat T-bar edging is a flexible and rounded semi rigid PVC profile. This profile is suitable especially for table tops, cabinets, decorative joint covers or curved mouldings. The T-bar at the bac...
For specific customer requirements, Ostermann’s experts offer a comprehensive range of technical profiles. Whether it`s our carcas sealing profile, non-slip profile or sealing brace, the technical pr...
What do we know about Wood? The natural material appeals by both its appearance and its special feel. Ostermann has an extensive selection of natural veneer edge banding in the range, from domestic th...
The 3D acrylic edgings can be used on a workpiece as a creative element. They have a 3 dimensional effect, as the decor, which is printed at the back, can be seen through the 1 or 2 mm thick acrylic l...
The acrylic edging is transparent and has a decorative pattern on the front side. In addition to its conventional application, the edgeband can also be used for backlighting.
  • Front side...
Basic edgings are generally „MDF“ colour and applied to non-visible edges. This ensures that individual furniture pieces do fulfill the highest quality standards with respect to these details.
ABS is the future material for plastic edgings - it is characterised by its oustanding processing characteristics and mechanical resistance. The Ostermann range contains plain colour designs, nature i...
Ostermann offers a wide range of ABS highgloss edgings in 1mm and 2mm thickness for different application areas. In contrast to the high gloss level of more than 85 gloss units, Ostermann also added s...
The T-bar edging is made of hard PVC coated with a 0.4mm thick aluminium metal layer. To avoid damaging the high-quality optic, the edgings are coated with a protective film, which can be removed afte...
The standard T-bar edging is a slightly curved but flexible semi rigid PVC that is ideal for tabletops or moldings with curves.
  • Easy mounting (due to T- bar)
  • Good protection
The melamine edging is an affordable alternative to plastic edgings and is especially suitable for less exposed areas, such as the straight edge for the narrow surface coating of wood materials. In or...
Aluminium edgings are very versatile and fit perfectly with almost all plain and woodgrain boards. Especially the combination of aluminium and wood makes furniture an exclusive eye-catcher. Ostermann...


Ostermann has expanded its range of melamine edges again. Matches to current designs 14 new melamine edgings are available from the edgings specialists.
From 1st february, Swiss carpenters will be able to order Ostermann edgings in our own Swiss branch located in Kleinandelfingen near Winterthur.
Furniture, exhibition, shopfitting and interior decorators will find a wide range of technical profiles for all different applications at Ostermann, especially as the already extensive range has been significantly expanded again.
Whether elegantly restrained or solidly striking – handles are the primary element that bestow on furniture fronts their characteristic and unmistakable look. So it is no surprise that Ostermann stocks a large selection of various furniture handles to suit every taste and for every application. Brand new products to the handle profiles range include the Bump and Baladi handles along with 3 new LED light solutions for recessed handles.
Uni edgings with special surface structures exhibit not only visually but also haptically the impression of quality. Now the edging specialist Ostermann has extended its range edges with 3 new uni Linea structured edgings.
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With over many years of experience, Ostermann GmbH is a customer-oriented expanding carpentry trade wholesaler. Ostermann employs 300 people across Europe and has branches in the Netherlands, France, Italy, England and Belgium. Ostermann is a European leader in mail order of edgings for the Furniture industry.
  • Edgings in every lengths from 1 meter
  • Edgings in every with up to 104 mm
  • Europe`s largest Cross reference with 120,000 matches
  • Europe`s largest range of edgings