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The very robust design allows extremely high mechanical and electrical (Heat) loads, which occur in machines with e.g. very short cycle times. Fields of application are e.g.: Table vibration of block...
The electromechanical vibration system MINI for small loads and for a small price. As part of the world wide used VIBROTEST - program the series VM has been developed for mobile use and is the ideal p...
The method of transferring the vibration into the product and the way the vibrating isolators are being mounted guarantees a very efficient vibration. The vibration has only a linear, vertical compone...
Vibrating table standard RT VT 7.7 6L (700mm x 700mm) with mounting possibility for forms and possibility for vertical and horizontal vibration.
Due to an elastic swivel joint on the mounting base of this vibrator series an elliptical, almost linear force is being generated instead of the circular force of normal vibrators. For some applicatio...
The High Frequency vibrators of this series have to be operated with a frequency converter or inverter. If operated with a frequency inverter an rpm adjustment can be realised with little effort. Matc...
For the compaction of bulk material such as plastic granulate, tobacco or similar during or after the filling process.
To be able to meet the increased requirements for the individual samples it is necessary to have a machine just for the production of samples. The quality of the samples thereby has to be certainly...
Knauer Engineering vibrating stands for the production of large concrete elements, in clamped or free riding moulds, are specially made according to product and customer requirements.
Egglayer / block making machine system has a long tradition. The first automatic KNAUER egglayers / block making machines for the production of high-quality concrete products were developed in the ?50...
The compact design allows to generate high centrifugal forces and requires minimum space. This is often necessary when used in machines. Fields of application are e.g.: Ram vibration of block making m...
Basic unit with steel wheels for the packaging of hollow/solid blocks and similar concrete elements


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About Knauer Engineering GmbH Industrieanlagen & Co.

KNAUER ENGINEERING is a company working in the field of engineering and development of special machines with its own production facilities. Its wide range of products offers custom-made planning to all kinds of users in the construction sector such as concrete plants in particular. KNAUER ENGINEERING develops and produces high-grade manufacturing systems as well as durable and reliable machinery: e.g. external vibrators and vibrating tables, concrete block making machines, concrete block moulds as well as control systems for a wide range of application. In addition KNAUER ENGINEERING provides a number of services like production planning, problem definition and reconstruction in the entire sector of vibration technique and control technique. Referred to vibration technique, the company's main task is to advise on the production of high-quality and high-grade concrete elements.