Feuerherdt GmbH

Feuerherdt GmbH

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

Feuerherdt GmbH

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

About Feuerherdt GmbH

FEUERHERDT - Germany`s No. 1 manufacturer of copper-beryllium and stainless steel spring clips. We offer an assortment of over 200 standard spring clips as well as development and manufacturing of spring clips according to Customer specifications, Samples, Engineering drawings. From large corporations to individuals ordering small quantities, everyone receives optimal service. First-class quality and a constant commitment towards quality improvement, along with a service-minded and customer-driven approach, are all essential elements of our company philosophy.
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Conductive Gaskets

Standard “O” ring gaskets for MIL shells are produced by compression moulding. Other sizes are produced from extruded silicone and vulcanised.

Plug seals

“D”-connector shields for shielding and grounding of “D” sub-miniature connectors with 9,15, 25, 37 or 50 pins. With a 20° continuous contact flange.

Conductive elastomers

In addition to contact finger strips and woven gaskets. the electrically conducting elastomer seals form the third major group of shielding products. They consist of an elastomer binder (silicone or...

Honeycomb Filters

Shielding Ventilation Panels are shielding elements which also allow the passage of air for ventilation purpose. They have a honeycomb structure and are made of steel or aluminium. The elements can be...

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