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About Gottlieb Nestle GmbH

The Gottlieb Nestle company

It reqiured a lot of courage and pioneering spirit in 1933 to start a business in timber trade and planing works in the most difficult years – right after the devastating impact of the global economic crisis of 1929.

In spite of this – a young and dynamic Gottlieb Nestle from the Swabian provincial town of Dornstetten saw a market niche herein and his chance as well. These dynamics, coupled with a high grade of mutability and market-orientation, have remained at the core of the company down to the present day. Starting with offering timber already planed for local carpenters, the focus on customers’ demands and needs led to a development into a thriving enterprise, supplying clients more and more supra-regional.

Even while suffering severe set-backs during the Second World War – a certain farsightedness of market and general economic developments kept the company on its course. In 1976 we began producing ranging poles. Calipers were added to the NESTLE program in 1982, a branch of forestry in which the Gottlieb NESTLE company is the global market leader today.

The company gradually changed into a plant for wood and metal processing, completed in 1984 by an electronics department which enabled the production of digital angle gauges and laser devices for interior and exterior applications in construction surveying.

Manufacturing quality tripods on highest level started in 1990 by a joint-venture with a Hungarian company. NESTLE tripods and accessories are used world-wide in combination with high-grade geodetical instruments because of their quality and reliability.

Since 1996 the company is certified ISO-9001. Over the following years the constant strive for quality improvement, in Dornstetten as well as in Hungary, led to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 certification.

Today the company, with Mr. Bernd Nestle as business manager, stands as an example of modern management in combination with a quality-orientated product portfolio.