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Cubic Boron Nitride Tools
Gear Profile Grinding Machine (ZE 400)
Gear Profile Grinding Machine (ZE 630)
Gear Profile Grinding Machine (ZE 800)
Gear Profile Grinding Machine (ZE 1000)
Gear Profile Grinding Machine (ZE 1200)
Diamond Dressers
Gear Profile Grinding Machine (ZPI 20)
Gear Profile Grinding Machine (ZPI 25)
Gear Profile Grinding Machine (ZPI 30)
Gear Center (ZX 630)
Gear Center (ZX 800)


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Martin Kapp
Helmut Nüssle

About NILES Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

KAPP NILES is a global market leader in manufacturing machines and tools for finishing of gears and profiles. Around 800 highly-specialised employees represent the innovative power and the expertise of the company which has grown for over 115 years.

KAPP NILES is the technology partner for companies from the automotive, aviation and compressor industries, from drive engineering, energy and wind power, exploitation of raw materials and shipbuilding. Machines, tools and technological solutions from KAPP NILES precisely machine gears and profiles to a thousandth millimetre and up to a diameter of eight metres. Specialists optimise each system solution individually for the customer's requirements and provide support throughout its life-cycle.

Machines and tools from KAPP NILES guarantee both precision and cost-effectiveness when manufacturing sophisticated components. In six locations, the know-how and quality of “Made in Germany” is present locally in all important markets. In this way, KAPP NILES customers set their concepts and products in precise motion – on land, in the water and in the air.