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  • simple installation, with EASY-Clamping hub on both sides
  • 6-corrugation bellows - cost-effective standard series
  • Torque range: 20 - 1.800 Nm
  • Shaft diameter: 9 -...
The pluggable, two-part metal bellows couplings are constructed for applications which are difficult to reach, applications without assembly boring for the clamping screws of the coupling hubs or wher...
The metal bellows couplings of the series KXL are constructed for medium size to big drives of up to 65.000 Nm. Although this type of coupling has proven itself reliable for years, the series was comp...
Force Monitoring System
The holding force of a clamping device during mechanical tooling is of special importance. It is relevant for tooling quality, but also for the safety of the operato...
  • preload force generation without friction and torsion through lengthening of the screw (threaded bolt, tension rod) via a defined axial force proportional to hydraulic pressure
  • man...
Servo couplings are compensating couplings with a backlash free and conformal torque transfer providing high torsional stiffness and a low moment of inertia. According to these requirements, JAKOB met...
The power clamping screws of the SC series are equipped with a wedge system as force amplifier. This innovative system allows for highest clamping forces with low actuation torques and simple manual o...
For face plates and surface plates on jaw boxes as well as grinding and turning machines and special machines

The JAKOB power clamping screws have been developed for the highest demands and max...
The hydromechanical power clamping screw‘s operating principle is based on power amplification, resulting from the area ratio of a primary and secondary piston. In the distinctly smaller primary pisto...
JAKOB Antriebstechnik offers sectional rail couplings, that can be used with all current sectional rails. They are attached to existing sectional rails of various brands either directly or via adapter...
The hydromechanical spring tension system is characterized especially by high reliability and low operating costs. The clamping force is actuated leakproof by a disk spring packet while the hydraulic...


With the MCA power clamping nut from JAKOB Antriebstechnik, the user has at his disposal a long-proven, widely used and economical clamping element.
The "Simple-Flex" series from JAKOB Antriebstechnik is a novel, innovative distance coupling that can be manufactured up to 6m in length and requires no additional intermediate support.
Highly dynamic, high-performance, regulated drives are playing an increasingly important role in today's advancing automation. The SKY-KS safety coupling series with Balganbau offers these high-performance drives the adequate safety element.
With 130 Nm of tightening torque, generate 25 tons of clamping force
For use in special high-speed test stands torsionally rigid, flexible couplings are ideally suited. The thin metal bellows have in addition to the balancing, also vibration-damping properties.
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About JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH is an internationally leading manufacturer of servo couplings, safety couplings, and mechanical clamping elements. For more than 40 years JAKOB has been developing and producing various types of torsionally stiff metal bellows couplings and safety couplings for the servo drive industry. Throughout our history we have earned ourselves a reputation of being a reliable and competent partner in the motion and drive industry.

JAKOB is the market leader in the area of mechanical tool and component clamping with its innovative and unique clamping technology.

The JAKOB wedge clamping technology provides the highest clamping forces with low actuation torques and, at the same time, maximum operational safety. The goal of our servo and safety coupling catalog is to provide a general overview over our standard product range. Highly trained engineers and technicians at our facility in Kleinwallstadt are always ready with a solution to best meet your requirements.