Walter Finkbeiner GmbH

Walter Finkbeiner GmbH

  • ISO 9001:2015

Walter Finkbeiner GmbH

  • ISO 9001:2015

About Walter Finkbeiner GmbH

The well-established and medium-sized family business Finkbeiner has its head office in Freudenstadt in the Black Forest. The development and production of lifting equipment began in 1967.

Today, Finkbeiner is a well-known specialist in the production of vehicle lifts with a worldwide distribution and service network. Finkbeiner has acquired an excellent know-how through experience in the field of lifting equipment for decades. Finkbeiner lifts are technically leading, state-of-the-art and unique on the market.

The high degree of quality, reliability and safety is recognised all over the world. Finkbeiner stands for quality, competence and innovation regarding to vehicle lifts wordwide. The objective is to develop the position of Finkbeiner as one of the leading manufacturers of lifts all over the world through consistent advancement and extension of the product range.

Mobile 2-post lifts, for cars and vans (FHB3500-DC01)

This unique lift facilitates your requirement for maximum flexibility. The vehicle is lifted via 4 swivel arms as with a stationary 2-post lift – free access to the underbody and doors of the...

Stationary 2-post lift for cars and light commercial vehicles (TPL7500)

Finkbeiner sets new standards with regard to 2-post lifts.

When lifting vans with a long wheel base or light duty vehicles, not only the pure capacity is relevant but also the rigidity of t...

Mobile wheel grippers for commercial vehicles from Walter Finkbeiner GmbH (EHB90xDC)

The ideal solution for the commercial vehicle workshop. Your existing workshop space remains versatile. No complex fixed installations are required. A level workshop floor is sufficient for the ope...

Mobile wheel lifting jack for special vehicles by Walter Finkbeiner GmbH (EHB90xDC)

Whether agricultural vehicles such as tractors, military vehicles (e.g. wheeled tanks) or airport vehicles are to be lifted - Finkbeiner offers the right lifting technology for a wide range of spec...

Semi-Scissor platform lifts for commercial vehicles by Walter Finbeiner GmbH (HDS Single)

The HDS track system is suitable for all vehicles, from compact forklifts to complete tractor-trailers or special-purpose vehicles. For long vehicles, two lifts can be combined one behind the other...

Scissor Lifts (HDS TANDEM by Walter Finkbeiner GmbH)

The HDS track system is suitable for all commercial vehicles up to complete semitrailer tractors. For these long vehicles, two lifts can be combined one behind the other to form a tandem lift (load...

Railroad Car Lifts (EHB907FDC01-WIRELESS)

Finkbeiner can also lift rail vehicles safely. With our battery-powered columns, the disturbing connecting cables are eliminated and the entire workplace remains free. The connection between the li...

Forklift truck lifts (GAB905DC)

Hydraulic column GAB905DC wireless especially adapted to lift industrial trucks at front and rear. This column has a capacity of 5 tons and adjustable flat fork tines. An independent and flexible u...

Mobile lift with wheel support plattforms (FHB3500-DC01 + FA-TORO)

Portable lift, capacity 2750 kg, 400 V power supply, electro-hydraulic drive, 4 wheel support plates, symmetric swivel arms, drive-in width 2300 mm, for mowing vehicles (3-/4-wheeled), golf buggies...

Support stand (HS08)

Movable support trestle with a load capacity of 8200 kg, for supporting commercial vehicles. Perfect as a supplement to a mobile lifting unit, e.g. wheel-grip lifting jacks EHB90xDC

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